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The Two Dollar Price Hike

I have a storage unit. Three times in 18 months has the price gone up. Seems fast. This last time, it went from $156 to $158. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes there, but this is what it feels like. The storage unit is pretty centrally located. It seems to be […]

Station Break

John Hartford is amazing. Before his big music career, he was on the radio in Nashville as a disk jockey. As such, he can do these radio personality impressions super well, then as a twist, make them into almost entirely gibberish, only hinting at real people, places, and events. On the famous Aereo-Plane record, there […]

Prospiracy Theories

Scott Alexander: … conspiracy theories had evolved into an almost-perfect form for exploiting cognitive biases and the pressures of social media. Debunkings and true beliefs couldn’t copy that process, so they were losing out. This sounded like a challenge, so here you go: There are a couple of others that are just too good.

My Particular Podcast Journey

There are loads of ways to start a podcast, so this is not prescriptive. But I figured I’d write out how I’ve done it in case it’s useful. Get a decent audio setup. You can get a lot for $1,000. but I got away with just a RODE podcaster bolted to my desk for years. […]