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Prospiracy Theories

Scott Alexander: … conspiracy theories had evolved into an almost-perfect form for exploiting cognitive biases and the pressures of social media. Debunkings and true beliefs couldn’t copy that process, so they were losing out. This sounded like a challenge, so here you go: There are a couple of others that are just too good.

My Particular Podcast Journey

There are loads of ways to start a podcast, so this is not prescriptive. But I figured I’d write out how I’ve done it in case it’s useful. Get a decent audio setup. You can get a lot for $1,000. but I got away with just a RODE podcaster bolted to my desk for years. […]

Public Bug Trackers

Brent Simmons: Decisions about what to work on — and when, and by whom — are complicated. From the outside it might look like it’s as simple as picking the next feature request with the most votes, but it’s not that simple. Amen. We did one little foray into having a public Issue Tracker for […]

Why Working from Home Is Better for Business

I enjoyed listening to Matt Mullenweg’s pitch for why distributed work is just plain good. It’s a TED video on Facebook that apparently I can’t embed here. I started remote work in 2007 (I remember cause I keep a timeline) when I told my boss at the time that I wanted to live in a […]

YouTube Republisher Channels ☹️

Have you heard of a scraper site? A scraper site steals the content from another website and republishes it on their own. If the work is copyrighted, as it is by default, it’s illegal. There isn’t much you can do about it aside from file a DMCA takedown request as the owner of that content. […]