Chris Coyier

Posts Screen Cleanup

The WordPress Admin screen where you look at Posts / Pages / Post Types can get really messy. In the table that shows the posts, a lot of stuff is on-by-default there and plugins can add more. In my experience, it has gravity toward looking like this: The trick is to pop down that Screen […]

Futurama S2E17

[Bender & Fry at Army Recruiting Office] Bender: Hello! We’re here because we, uh, love our planet. [Bender & Fry snickering] Army Guy: Sign here on the dotted line patriots, and I’ll give you your discount card. Fry: Just out of curiosity, we can use the cards to buy gum, then immediately quit the army, […]

Make Your Own Little (Easy-to-Update) CDN

By, uh, using other people’s CDNs. Step 1) Make a GitHub Repo And put files in it that you want CDNized URLs to. I don’t think GitHub likes it when you use them as a CDN. They provide a “raw” URL to files, but they serve the wrong content-type headers, so we can’t just use […]

Need a quick diff?

GitHub Gists will do diffs. Make a file and save it. Then edit that file, and paste in the changed version. For me, this is often some crap I copied out of DevTools or some huge stringified object or something. Once it’s saved, the Revisions tab will say (2), and clicking it will show the […]

Subversion Blues

I just needed to update the CodePen Embed Block WordPress Plugin. That means… DRUMROLL… using Subversion! I’ve long used Versions app to do Subversion things, because I just prefer using GUI-based source control apps. But Versions somewhat recently went v2, and I had to update my license to use it. I tried to, but there […]

Rosyln, Washington

Fondly remembering the time a bunch of friends and I rented a house in Roslyn, Washington just because Northern Exposure was filmed there and we wanted to hang out at The Brick. I did not realize The Man in the High Castle was also partially filmed there, which was a pretty decent alternate timeline style […]

Other Names Anna Dewdney Considered Before Landing on Llama Llama

Piggy Piggy Hamster Hamster Darkwinged Fungus Gnat Darkwinged Fungus Gnat Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Patty In real news, I didn’t realize she had died or that the stories just skip over the fact that Llama Llama has no dad (that’s a home-run article title right there), kinda like Opie Taylor. I was like, […]

Bike Monster

We were preparing some rooms to be painted, removing things from the walls and tucking everything into a smaller room that didn’t need painting. Ruby took our little bike monster guy and was putting them in funny places and taking pictures of them. It got even more fun when she got ahold of a giant […]

A Fundraising Email from the Galactic Senate Majority Leader

Kevin Lutz at McSweeny’s: Now, you may be saying, “Aren’t you the party in power? Didn’t we already elect YOU? Shouldn’t YOU be doing something?” Yes, and I couldn’t be prouder to represent you in this fight. But I need you to understand three critical things: 1. Senator Palpatine needs to flip just FIVE seats to take back power. 2. […]

Fire Season

A 2nd place winner for the C-SPAN StudentCam documentary season was a student from right down in Klamath Falls. Good job Linnea! We get it pretty bad up here in Bend, but they get it much worse down there, I hear. Here’s hoping for a better year than the last several.

A Farewell from Justin Tadlock

Justin is leaving WP Tavern. Best of luck Justin! I love WP Tavern, it always seems to have the best and most relevant WordPress news to me. Sarah Gooding does a great job there too. Here’s hoping they can hire more writers to fill those big shoes.