JavaScript Import Sorting

It’s fascinating how the order of imports doesn’t matter in individual JavaScript files. If you start awaiting them and using their methods for things, then it might matter, but those top-level normal imports at the top of so many JavaScript files… the order is largely irrelevant. This: Behaves no differently than: I know we’re not […]


At first I noticed a yard crew over at Jim’s house cutting his grass and trimming the bushes. That’s weird. Jim always did his own yard work. I know because he’s our neighbor right across the street and he was out there a lot. He lived alone. I always thought it was impressive because Jim […]


It was the first real day of smoke here in Bend yesterday. Mercifully, a bit late in the summer compared to previous years. But it’s still here. Just a fact of life now. The west burns in huge swathes every year and we deal with the carnage and poor air quality. Climate change in real-time. […]

Bullet Train

Miranda and I went to see Bullet Train the other night. We were both in rather uncharacteristically bad moods, especially for a date night without the kid. This movie really turned things around. I watched the preview and thought it would be a rather soulless/boring action-for-actions-sake romp. But it wasn’t! It was frickin’ good! Funny, […]

They Got Aquired

I talked to Dana Miranda (from my hometown!) about the sale and she covered it for They Got Acquired. Coyier wasn’t seeking a buyer before DigitalOcean reached out with its offer in January 2022. But he believes the sale came at just the right time. “They could run [the blog] with more manpower, and I […]

Actually, the San Francisco Typeface Does Ship as a Variable Font

I was recently fawning over Apple’s recently Expanded San Francisco Typeface. San Francisco really looks nice in both the compressed and expanded1 versions, across all the weights. So I ended with: Doesn’t this make perfect sense to construct as a variable font and ship the whole kit and kaboodle that way? Yes, is the answer […]

Bosch 800 Series Refrigerator

We came home a little cockeyed one night this past winter. My memory has it about midnight, but that probably means it was like 8:45pm. I was ready for bed, but of course, fate was not in our favor that night. There was a weird sound coming from the kitchen. Like a hissing. It took […]

Touch ID for Desktops?

Apple sells desktop machines (notably three! Mac Mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro), meaning bring-your-own keyboard. If you want to use Touch ID, which is awfully nice UX, you’ve got one choice: Magic Keyboard. I’ll get an RSI flareup in half a day of not using an ergonomic keyboard — so that keyboard is out. […]


KEF LEX II are a pair of bookshelf-sized speakers that I recently bought. Spendy! But nice. I’ll get to them, but I’m long winded so I gotta do a bunch of blogwords first to set the scene. I moved to the Mac Studio not long ago. I love it. It’s a great machine. Feels very […]

Can’t click on tmux panes in iTerm?

We use tmux at CodePen. It’s essentially so we can all run a single terminal command and it’ll run all the scripts and whathaveyou to fire up our dev environment. Then we have a UI for all the different services and whatnot we run. We can and do update it regularly to help us do […]

How to Build a Grayscale Color Palette

If you wanted to be 100% mathematical and consistently even about crafting a grayscale color palette, you could create the colors in a math-friendly color function like HSL, like so: Here’s an example of using those colors as backgrounds: If you wanted to DRY that up in SCSS, you could do something like: In actuality, […]