Chris Coyier

There are TWO SCOOPS of Raisins in Raisin Bran

I just want to make sure y’all understand how many raisins there aren’t in Raisin Bran: 1.75 scoops 2.2 scoops 1.333 (repeating) scoops π scoops −12i scoops VIII scoops 3 scoops There are this many scoops: 3√8 2! Two, there are two scoops people what about this is hard. please don’t ask any questions about […]

Why did you originally build CSS-Tricks?

Beer money. The first post¹ on CSS-Tricks was on July 4th, 2007. Not my first website, but probably in the first 10 or so. CSS-Tricks was originally supposed to be part of a network of sites that were all designed to be essentially self-help on a niche topic. That network (nothing official, just a bunch […]

Make Amazon Order Emails Useful Again

Since I have the power to move mountains, I’m going to try again. Amazon, this is not a useful order confirmation email: It doesn’t tell me what I ordered. So: I don’t get a solid off-site confirmation of what I ordered. I can’t search my email to find that order. We’re coming up on the […]


This one is for all my homies that don’t have big thoughts all the time. This one is for all you who go to work, do a good job, then go home and forget about it. This one is for all y’all who are too busy doing stuff to blog about it. Nah. You’ve got […]

My Camper Journey

I’ve had a lot of camping units in my life so far. I was a long-time tent guy until my tech life started affording me the finances to try other things. Here they are in the order I bought/sold them. The Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon (2010-2012) The “Westy”, as owners typically call them. It was super […]

Logitech Mevo is not good as a webcam.

A couple of years back I got into the whole use a DSLR as a webcam thing. At the time, I used a Canon T7i. That was a bulky beast to use for a webcam, but it did work nicely for a while. The main thing I didn’t like about using the T7i was: It’s […]

A bona fide cornucopia of dearth.

This Twitter thread about NFT stuff bums me out. The spirit of it is supposed to be an exposé of The Real Life & Times of a web3 entrepreneur and how it ain’t all sunshine and roses, mann. I get that. We’re all allowed to learn and grow and share and have emotions. And clearly […]


This place is wild. Crack-in-the-Ground is an ancient volcanic fissure over 2 miles long and up to 70 feet deep. Normally, fissures like this one are filled with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation. However, because it is located in such an arid region, very little filling has occurred and Crack-in-the-Ground […]

Jason’s Sabbatical

Mr. Kottke is taking a break! The plan, as it currently stands, is to take 5-6 months away from the site. I will not be posting anything new here. I won’t be publishing the newsletter. There won’t be a guest editor either — if someone else was publishing here, it would still be on my […]

Mike Davidson on the Twitter/Elon thing

… we all found out this month that the company is now on the cusp of going private again, at the hands of Elon Musk. Some people — although no employees I am aware of — seem to think this is the greatest news in the world. Some people think it’s the worst news they […]

The Alpinist

I watched The Alpinist on a whim a few nights ago. I was pretty affected by it. Not so much by Marc-André Leclerc‘s death. That’s sad, but hey, you make the choice to do incredibly dangerous stuff, you are probably going to die from it. There was a bit in the movie that 50% of […]