Astro stands to benefit highly from View Transitions

Same with any no-JavaScript-by-default framework like Eleventy, Jekyll, Hugo, and whatnot. Check out what Maxi Ferreira did with Astro: Cool. Although he had to slap in SPA navigation to make it work, because the current API only supports that, not normal “multi page” transitions. Once the View Transitions API gets MPA support, this (probably) going […]


Nicky Case made a thing called Nutshell: Nutshell is a tool to make “expandable, embeddable explanations” … This lets your readers learn what they need, just-in-time, always-in-context. I really like the look and feel of it, especially the little animated colons. I do feel like it needs an accessibility kick though. It doesn’t work without JavaScript […]

Get Your Most Favorited Tweets With Go

I wanted to find my most favorited tweets of all time. I figured I should know what those are so I can re-home them (or some version of their spirit) elsewhere in case the ol’ bird kicks the can. Turbulent times over there. Twitter has some built-in analytics tooling that I couldn’t quite figure out […]

Must… Click… Upgrade

Jon Yongfook: Just paid $75 (per month) to remove the “Upgrade Now” button from Slack. Never underestimate how much a B2B customer armed with a corporate card will pay to solve a minor inconvenience. It me. And I dislike it about myself but it’s true. Just a dumb little upgrade banner in an app, even […]

Folk Interfaces

Folk creations fill a gap. They solve problems for individuals and small communities in a way that that centralised, top-down, industrial creations never can. They are informal, distributed practices that emerge from real world contexts. Folk Interfaces, Maggie Appleton So my mom calls me the other days and says “how long does it take to […]

The snowblower fired right up this year.

For the first time since buying the damn thing, it started on my first try at the beginning of the season. Just so I don’t forget why: I ran it completely out of gas at the end of last season. No more gas getting gummed up in the system while it’s in storage in the […]

How Cloudflare got Kiwi Farms wrong

I like Cloudflare technology. I think they do a great job of building things that are very useful, very innovative, and very reliable. That’s no easy task, especially while shipping pretty regularly as they do. I’ve been known to do pretty glowing podcasts about them, unsponsored, like this on Durable Objects, Workers, and HTMLRewriter. That […]

Apple Music Playlists for Tater Joes Tabs

Every Old-Time music jam I’ve ever been a part of does one thing the same: they don’t change keys very often. If you’re playing in D, you stay in D for a while. Maybe for an hour, maybe two, maybe the whole dang day if you’re at a festival. Then you move. Probably to G […]

Once More Unto The Edge, Dear Friends

I recently wrote about one of the ironies of a Jamstack approach recently. Yes, rendering static content from the edge is fantastic, but only when the content is actually there. If you need to hit an API with client-side JavaScript to actually get the content, you aren’t benefiting all that much from “The Edge”. Really […]

WordPress Lite

There is a line of thinking that goes: WordPress is fairly complicated. I only need to do something fairly simple. Thus, there should be a simpler version of WordPress to do that simple thing. A WordPress Lite, if you will. The trouble is, which simple thing do you focus around? In the article linked above, […]