Order of Vue Components

The Vue 2 docs have it as: That feels pretty good to me, as literally everything else in the file is in service of the final output HTML. Start with the goal and work down. The Vue 3 docs have it has: And that also makes sense, because it puts dependencies (e.g. import stuff) at […]

3 Kinds of Loneliness

There is lots of interesting bits in the The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult episode of Dr. Laurie Santos’s The Happiness Lab podcast. Here’s one. Vivek Murthy talked about how there are three kinds of loneliness: Intimate loneliness: you lack a close confidant or someone that knows you deeply. Relational loneliness: absence of […]

iOS Browser Choice in 2024?

Y’all know the thing: there is no browser choice on iOS, it’s all Safari all the way down. The focal point for opposition against this is Open Web Advocacy. This is news from back in April, but it seems pretty big to me. In Europe, there is the Digital Services Act (DSA) already that sets […]

The Perfect TV for 2022

Just some thoughts after looking at TVs at a Best Buy recently. Absolutely bare minimum software. Just the bare minimum to control the least amount of settings possible. Nothing “smart”. No “apps”. Turns on instantly. The boot time for the minimum software is effectively zero. You turn on the TV without it being on an […]

AirTag Wallets

To me, a wallet is a great place for an AirTag (or similar help me find this thing device). Once a week, I can’t find it. Is it in the car? My saddle bags? Dresser upstairs? On my desk? In the depths of the couches? Phone! Show me! But the options for an AirTag-compatible wallet […]


Most people I know would know what I meant if I said “I’m all out of spoons” or “I wish I had the spoons for that”. I believe it has come to mean how much energy you have to do certain things. Say you (metaphorically, obviously) have 5 spoons that replenish themselves each day. But […]


A couple of weeks back, we sold our Chevy Tahoe. We purchased it just days after Ruby was born. I remember driving home from the hospital in a two-wheel-rear-wheel drive Toyota Tacoma and it was slippery with snow. We needed a way safer vehicle stat, and we popped over to the Chevrolet dealership and bought […]

A Little Family Trip to Valparaiso

Miranda’s brother and family live there, and her parents also just moved there after retiring. It was a nice time for a final summer trip. We swam in the pool, saw a funk band play in the park, hit the farmer’s market, ate Parlor Doughnuts, watched a Pop Warner football game, and a bunch of […]

Day of CascadiaJS 2022

Been a long time since I’ve done an in-person talk, but I broke that ice today. It’s my “The web is good now” talk — revamped quite a bit and shrunk to fit into a 25-minute slot. Felt like riding a bike, really. I was able to summon up that old speaker energy and deliver […]

I remember seeing Adam Best’s tweet when it went viral: Boulder: AR-15Orlando: AR-15Parkland: AR-15Las Vegas: AR-15Aurora, CO: AR-15Sandy Hook: AR-15Waffle House: AR-15San Bernardino: AR-15Midland/Odessa: AR-15Poway synagogue: AR-15Sutherland Springs: AR-15Tree of Life Synagogue: AR-15 Sometimes they are “variations” on that exact model by different manufacturers, but they are assault rifles all the same (fact check). Add […]


Just a lovely day here in Bend, Oregon. It’s very warm out. That kind of deep-seeded warmth you can only feel in late summer, when the warmth radiates from every sidewalk square, telephone pole, and deck chair as much as it does from the sun. I’m 42 years old today. I only feel half that […]