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I’ve been fortunate enough to have been interviewed a number of times in a variety of publications on a variety of topics. Here’s some!

Front End Happy Hour: Modern CSS – Drinking in style

Whiskey Web and Whatnot : 100th Episode Round Table with Chris Coyier, Scott Tolinski, Tracy Lee, and Wes Bos

Igalia Chats: Web Ecosystem Health Part IX: economics

The Work Item: #57 – From Turbo Pascal to CodePen, with Chris Coyier

Small Market Startup: with Kyle McLeod

They Got Aquired: He grew a blog for developers to 7M monthly pageviews, then sold it to an advertiser

The Changelog: The legacy of CSS-Tricks

How I Built It: What It’s Like Building and Selling a Content Company with Chris Coyier

Creative Chair: Chris Coyier – “Just don’t let anything slide and it’ll end up being worth it”

WPTavern: #21 – Chris Coyier Talks About Why He Sold CSS-Tricks

Whiskey Web and Whatnot: Creating CodePen, Tackling Tailwind, and Keeping It Simple with Chris Coyier

GatsbyConf: Websites Are Good Now

Front End Nerdery Podcast: 22 – Chris Coyier & Dave Rupert

Frontend Horse: Making CSS Custom Properties Easy to Play With

Cloudflare TV: Founder Spotlight: Chris Coyier

Themeisle: Chris Coyier Interview – The Man Behind CodePen and CSS-Tricks

Self-Made Web Designer: How to Advance Your Careeer as a Front-End Web Developer

Smashing Podcast: Smashing Podcast Episode 22 With Chris Coyier: What Is Serverless?

Cloudflare TV: Talking Serverless with CodePen Founders

A Question of Code: Why do you need a website of your own? (with Chris Coyier)

Do the Woo: Talking WordPress and WooCommerce with Chris Coyier from CodePen

This is Human Centered Design: Chris Coyier ‘Easy to design, hard to use’

Duck Tapes: SVGs with Chris Coyier

The Product Business: 12. Chris Coyier – How has changed, and monetizing

Giant Robots: 336: There’s No Manual (Chris Coyier)

Speckyboy: A Chat with Chris Coyier, Web Design Influencer & Entrepreneur

One Month: CodePen, CSS Tricks, and ShopTalk Podcast | An Interview with Chris Coyier

Makerviews: I’m a Maker Because…with Chris Coyier

Script & Style Show: Blogging, CodePenning, and Podcasting with Chris Coyier

The Strong Web: Chris Coyier – From Employee to Entrepreneur

Study Web Development: Q & A With Chris Coyier

Thunder Nerds: FEDC 2018 – Chris Coyier

Fixate on Code: Persistence, and doing the things you love, with Chris Coyier

Thunder Nerds: Front-End Dev Power with Chris Coyier

WP-Tonic: Show With Special Guest Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks & Joint Founder of CodePen

An Event Apart: Chris Coyier: The Tools I Use

Digital and Computer Arts: Chris Coyier and how Code Pen is Connecting the Frontend World

Figma: Expert Interview Series: Chris Coyier of CodePen on Collaboration in Web Design

Email Design Podcast: #60: How CodePen Approaches Email Design and Marketing with Chris Coyier

Growth Everywhere: GE 196: How Chris Coyier Grew CSS-Tricks to 7M Page Views/Month, 300K Followers and 24K Email Subscribers

Relative Paths: Episode 47 – Dogmatism | With Chris Coyier

Thunder Nerds: 55 – Down Wit SVG? Yeah You Know Me with Chris Coyier

An Event Apart: Tiptoe Through the Tooltips: An Interview with Chris Coyier

OfficeHours.FM: All the Things, Episode 122

Hacking UI: How to grow a blog and remain true to your audience – Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks & CodePen)

User Defenders: 028: Be Persistent with Chris Coyier

How I Built It: Episode 6: Chris Coyier & CodePen

Mozilla Hacks: A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Chris Coyier

Non Breaking Space Show: Chris Coyier — Practical SVG

SitePoint: CodePen, and Getting Started on the Web, with Chris Coyier

Responsive Web Design Podcast: CodePen

Local Masters: Chris Coyier, Episode 11

JavaScript Jabber: 165 JSJ ShopTalk with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

Envato: Made By: Chris Coyier

SVG Immersion: Interview: Chris-Coyier-P1

Developer Tea: 12: Chris Coyier, Part Two – Getting Good At Pretty Much Anything

The Web Platform Podcast: 27: Building CodePen


An Event Apart: Tricky CSS and Talking Shop: An Interview With Chris Coyier

Funny Ant: Web Application Makeover: How to use custom fonts and @font-face | Episode 6

Front-End Developer Podcast: Web Application Makeover: How to use custom fonts and @font-face | Episode 6

Post Status: Chris Coyier on WordPress, business, and building the web

Pencil vs Pixel: Chris Coyier

How To Hold a Pencil: Chris Coyier (No. 018)

CDNify: An Interview with CSS Expert Chris Coyier on Front-End Dev, UX, and Accessibility

The Web Ahead: The Latest in CSS with Chris Coyier

WP Engine: Finely Tuned Consultant – Chris Coyier

Dorm Room Tycoon: How to Teach and Build an Audience

Show Me Your Mic: Chris Coyier

Pixel Recess: Episode #18 — Chris Coyier Wears Shy Pants

Authored Content: Ep. 22: Chris Coyier

Kern and Burn: Day 80

The Gently Mad: 18: Chris Coyier

Non Breaking Space Show: Chris Coyier

Responsive Design Interview: Responsive Interview with Dave Rupert & Chris Coyier

Webstock: Chris Coyier – speaker interview

The Big Web Show: 74: Chris Coyier

Offscreen Magazine: Issue 3

Kicktastic: CSS-Tricks – Chris Coyier

net magazine: Chris Coyier on life in the CSS trenches

Envato Tuts+: Chris Coyier on Life, Work and Eighteen Years as a Mac User

Unmatched Style: Chat Session: Chris Coyier

net Magazine: Chris Coyier on CodePen and the CSS-Tricks redesign

The Industry: #2: Responsive Sass, Awkward Hugs

Dolody: Checking In with Chris Coyier

VaultPress: VaultPress Stories:

Unmatched Style: Chris Coyier – HTML5 & CSS Pseudo Elements

net Magazine: Chris Coyier on HTML5 forms

WPZine: An Interview With Chris Coyier

WPCandy: Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Digging into WordPress

Unmatched Style: Chris Coyier of & Wufoo – Episode 42

Boagworld: CSS Trickster Chris Coyier

DesignLint: Interview with Chris Coyier: Creating Tutorials

MacStories: Interview With Chris Coyier From CSS-Tricks

Blogging Pro: Interview with ‘Digging into WordPress’ and ‘CSS-Tricks’ Rockstar Extraordinaire Chris Coyier

Marco Folio: All about CSS-Tricks and more with Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier: arts behind the man and viceversa – (semi) serious interview with CSS-Tricks frontman: Liquid Sky Design

SingleFunction: Meet the One – Chris Coyier

Envato Tuts+: Chatting With Chris Coyier

Design O'Blog: 10 Questions With Chris Coyier From CSS-Tricks

I Am Paddy: How do you Twitter: Chris Coyier?

Web Hosting Search: Chris Coyier: the man behind CSS-Tricks Interview with Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

snap2objects: Chris Coyier: The guy who showed us how Beautiful HTML Codes Looks like

Web International Awards: Exclusive interview with Chris Coyier, owner of CSS Tricks

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