1. Life

    Born in Madison, WI at St. Mary’s Hospital

  2. School

    First day of Kindergarten at Huegel Elementary

  3. Life

    Moved to Verona, WI (start of 5th grade)

  4. School
  5. Work

    Start work at American Family Insurance (software testing)

  6. School
  7. Life
  8. Life

    Help found Whitewater United for Peace

  9. Work

    Started work at The Brass Rail Saloon (after going to court to get them to approve a bartending license after being initially denied for possession of marijuana prior)

  10. Life

    Bought my first car, 2002 Saturn L200 (mostly so I’d have a reliable car for delivering pizzas, miraculously found a company to let me finance it myself: $10,000)

  11. School

    Graduated University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

  12. Work

    Started work at American (prepress & print design) (American, or “American TV” as it was originally, closed all 11 locations permanently in 2014 after 60 years)

  13. School

    Peak summer of The Missing String Band (My bluegrass/Americana band. Regular gig at The Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb among many others)

  14. Work

    Started work at Suttle-Strauss (prepress)

  15. Life

    Released album with side project band The Groggers

  16. Life

    Started work at Chatman Design (web design)

  17. Work

    CSS-Tricks launched

  18. Life

    Moved to Portland, OR

  19. Life

    Moved to Chicago, IL

  20. Project

    Launched Are My Sites Up

  21. Project

    Launched Digging Into WordPress (the blog)

  22. Project

    Initial publishing of Digging Into WordPress (the book)

  23. Project

    Digging Into WordPress (the book) v2

  24. Work

    Start working at Wufoo (web design)

  25. Project

    Digging Into WordPress (the book) v3

  26. Life

    Moved to Tampa, FL

  27. Life

    Got my first dog: Digby!

  28. Work

    SurveyMonkey acquired Wufoo

  29. Life

    Moved to Palo Alto, CA / Sold Saturn / Bought 2011 Toyota Tacoma

  30. Project

    Launched ShopTalk Show

  31. Life

    Sold Volkswagon Westfalia / Bought Jayco camper trailer

  32. Life

    Last day at Wufoo/SurveyMonkey – Trip around the U.S.

  33. Project

    Launched CodePen

  34. Project

    Launched v10 of CSS-Tricks after a successful Kickstarter

  35. Project

    Launched CodePen PRO

  36. Life

    Moved to Milwaukee, WI

  37. Work

    Went full-time on CodePen with Tim Sabat and Alex Vazquez

  38. Life

    Sold Jayco Camper / Entered Land Contract to buy house in Milwaukee

  39. Life

    Bought SylvanSport GO Camper Trailer right before first MerleFest (where we made the front page of the paper pickin’ in the campground)

  40. Work

    Staffed up a bit at CSS-Tricks hiring part time writers/editors/developers/etc.

  41. Life

    Completed land contract / Bought same house in Milwaukee

  42. Work

    CodePen receives seed funding from Chris Campbell, Ryan Campbell, and Chris Sabat

  43. Work

    CodePen hires first employee (Marie Mosley)

  44. Life

    Miranda moves in with me

  45. Life

    Completed first major home renovation project: front and backyard landscaping

  46. Project

    Published Practical SVG (a book)

  47. Life

    Moved to Miami with Miranda “for the winter”

  48. Life

    We moved back to Milwaukee

  49. Life

    Gettin’ married!

  50. Life

    Moved to Bend, Oregon

  51. Work

    CodePen gets new office in downtown Bend, sharing with CraftCMS

  52. Life

    Me and Miranda’s daughter Ruby is born! (Also bought a 2018 Chevy Tahoe so we had a safe 4WD winter car for Ruby)

  53. Life

    Bought a house in Bend

  54. Project

    Launched microsites. One for listing conferences. One for serverless.

  55. Life

    RIP Digby. Had to put the ol’ girl down. She got bitey even with children.

  56. Life

    Broke both arms mountain biking

  57. Life

    Traded in the Toyota Tacoma for a three-year lease on a Toyota Tundra.

  58. Life

    COVID ruins life (for everyone, for years)

  59. Life

    Hit by a van (turned in front of me) while riding my bike. Broke foot and got pretty banged up.

  60. Work

    Moved to a new office (St. Claire Building)

  61. Project
  62. Life


  63. Project
  64. Work

    Sold CSS-Tricks to DigitalOcean

  65. Life

    Sold Chevy Tahoe / Bought Tesla X

  66. Life

    The three-year lease on my Toyota Tundra was up, so traded it in and purchased the new version: 2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum.

  67. Life

    Probable death due to meteor apocalypse

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