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Carbon Copy Cloner + LaCie Drive = Bootable/Restorable Backup

Stephen at work just got a new work laptop because his old one was dying. He ordered a fairly stock MacBook Pro one day, it arrived the next. He restored it from a “bootable backup” he made with Carbon Copy Cloner, and was instantly back to work on the new machine. I’m sure this is […]

How to beat the fear of putting yourself out there

Alex Hillman: This mental chaos monkey of fear shows up in lots of ways: • For some, it’s a feeling of subtle discomfort when talking about their work in social settings. • For others, it’s a feeling of deep anxiety that they’ll be scolded for doing or saying something unoriginal. • For others still, it’s […]

The Banjo is an African Instrument

Highly educational Instagram post right here from Gahmya Drummond-Bey, that my wife shared with me: View this post on Instagram It's time for a history lesson. True inclusion also requires relearning our history. 💛💛💛 What's your favorite country song? #countrymusic #blacklivesmatter #teachersfollowteachers #blm #diversity #inclusion #allyship #ally #evolvedteacher #blackhistory #sharethemicnow #historylesson #banjo #lilnasx #debunked #nojusticenopeace✊🏾 […]


Semilattice is a concept. A block is the basic element. Blocks attach to each other and form a list. A card consists of multiple lists of blocks and hand drawings. A card could have multiple parents and children. Locations are represented in familiar nested structure, but become relational and flexible. A designated space is within […]