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The Key to Blogging Success

I watched an interview a few weeks back (at the Growth Summit) with Kristin Smith who has a food blog called Krisp X Kristin. People were thirsty to ask her what the key to blogging success is, and she didn’t hesitate at all with her answer: Consistency, Confidence, and Authenticity Paraphrased, she led into […]

I’m 40.

For myself, when I read this many years from now. I woke up and Miranda had decorated the kitchen with giant 3-foot shiny golden balloons: 40! There was an incredibly lovely cake from Sparrow Bakery and cards that made me cry both from her and from Ruby. Ruby is just 2 years old. She’s so […]

Carbon Copy Cloner + LaCie Drive = Bootable/Restorable Backup

Stephen at work just got a new work laptop because his old one was dying. He ordered a fairly stock MacBook Pro one day, it arrived the next. He restored it from a “bootable backup” he made with Carbon Copy Cloner, and was instantly back to work on the new machine. I’m sure this is […]