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Visiting Bend, Oregon

Howdy friends, colleges, co-workers, acquaintances, and probably random people I’ve never met! Enough of y’all end up passing through my lovely town of Bend, Oregon that I wanted to have somewhere I could point you with my basic advice on the area.

End of MoviePass

I was obsessed with MoviePass’ business model because I felt it was one that benefitted from customers who never use it. To some degree, most companies are like this. If you can get someone to pay for your stuff, but not actually take it or use it or require support, that’s a great customer. Assuming […]

Call to Action

Just a reminder that you can do all the sales hustle you want, but if you don’t put a phone number on your notecard call to action on your website you probably won’t make many sales.

The Hulk Summary

This is great writing advice from… I guess it’s both Knut Melvær & Even Westvang as they are both listed as authors on the post. … channel your inner Hulk voice … and use it to describe whatever you need to get writing on. Hammer down that shift key (caps lock is a cop-out) and […]

Gambler 500

This event is so cool. You buy or fix up an old car (spending ~$500, but literally nobody checks or cares). “Impractical” vehicles are kind of the vibe. Look at a Google image search for the cars. There is a “rally” where you make your way to some central location (which I think is something […]