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Make Myself Up

I was in a americana band with Harmony for years and years… the Missing String Band. It was incredibly fun. Harmony was kind of the star musician in the band. Chris McGarry was the other, and they both went on to literally make careers out of music. I remember Harmony’s college graduation show was this […]

How 2 Million People Loved MoviePass Nearly to Death

In 2012 I wrote: What is strange about this business model is that the people that love your service the most are your worst customers. The people that essentially forget about it are your best customers. Now in 2018, Bloomberg reports: The parent company, Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc., which now owns 92 percent of […]

Inclusion Rider

Inclusion riders got a big visibility push (I’d never heard of the term before) when Frances McDormand belted it out during her best actress Oscar speech. Karolina Szczur on bringing them to tech conferences: It’s crucial to make the inclusion requirements quantifiable and specific. We want to avoid prompting minority tokenism or organisers focusing on […]

Random Thoughts and Data on Hiring from Recent Experience

I just lead up a hiring process at CodePen. We needed a UX designer, so we made a public job posting for one, tweeted it, and went from there. We got about 120 applicants. We got about 25% women. That’s not hard data because of course, I didn’t ask. It’s just based on first names. […]

USA Spending

Very nicely done site that allows you explore where the United States government spends money. I figured I’d try to find out a very basic question… how much of the federal budget goes to military spending. I’d seen pie charts like this that say 54% ($598.5 billion of 1.11 trillion in 2015). Then this site, […]