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Hamms Campfire Scene O Rama Motion Beer Sign

I had a weird wave of nostolgia for this sign. My grandpa on my Mom’s side had on in their basement and I would just stare at it. Looks like on eBay they go for like $1,500 or so. Maybe someday. Maybe I need a log cabin first.

No War (No Elephants?)

I understand the act of protesting. Admittedly, it’s been a minute since I’ve stood on a street corner, but I’ve been there. In college, after the 9/11 disaster, I remember being absolutely confused that the United States’ answer was… war? In Iraq? There wasn’t anything clearly pointing that way, and through history’s lens now, there […]


Things are good. Just trying to chip away at life. Making sure the family is happy and healthy. Making sure the businesses are happy and healthy. Trying to make sure it’s fun along the way. Currently earning a solid B.

Finding the Trail

I was talking with some random fellow adults one time and the subject of mountain biking came up. It was a kid’s birthday party. There was sheet cake. I had probably mentioned how I had broken my arms doing it a few years back (I’m fun at parties). One of them was pretty into it […]

Bad Festival Neighbors

Headed out to a little old-time music campout this week. They had a little bit about general etiquette on the website, which I appreciate. It links out to this funny article about Bad Festival Neighbors with a bunch of different all-too-real personas: Dinner Bucket Bob Arrives at a weeklong festival with three beers and a […]

Don’t Feed the Thought Leaders

I hope I’m never in a situation where I have to do a “bureaucratic judo trick” in order to effectively manage a project, but this one from Adam Gordon Bell is juicy: Create an extended product roadmap and put [advice from stakeholders that doesn’t seem important to the project’s succss] at least a year off […]

Review of Ideal Protein

As a fat person, whenever I’m seen by any other person, my mind assumes they are thinking one of two things. 🅰 Ew a fat. They should eat less junk food. I’m (roll 1d100)% disgusted by their presence. 🅱 Ew a fat. They should eat less junk food. (Twang of guilt.) Wait no they are […]

Going Full Pascal

A nice life story from Rands. For me, Pascal was high school, and I would have loved it if I could have written Pascal in college. I bet it would have changed my life, because I would have rolled in with confidence on the language, and I do better in situations like that. But no, […]