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Collect Everything, Analyze Nothing

This is a great essay on usage data collection: It starts with a brilliant idea: we’ll collect information about every click someone makes on every page in our app! And we’ll track how long they hesitate over a particular choice! And how often they use the back button! How many seconds they watch our intro […]

My Obnoxious Answers about Email Newsletters

(This is just an email-answer-turned-blog-post.) What are some of the gotchas / pain points I should to look out for in running a newsletter? You need desire and motivation to do it. Newsletters are no sure-fire-business-win, so¬†hopefully,¬†it’s fueled by your own passion for the topic. We have a newsletter on CSS-Tricks because, as a publication, […]

Infrastructure for Robo Calls

I hear this robo call problem is largely a western-countries thing. It certainly affects me. I’ve been on the Do Not Call list for a decade and it does nothing. These days I get at least a few fraudulent calls a day. Literal fraud. Literally people trying to get me to pick up, talk to […]

The Two Dollar Price Hike

I have a storage unit. Three times in 18 months has the price gone up. Seems fast. This last time, it went from $156 to $158. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes there, but this is what it feels like. The storage unit is pretty centrally located. It seems to be […]