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Tater Joes

If you’re an old-time banjo player or fiddle player, I imagine you couldn’t do much better for finding tabs (for banjo) and sheet music (for fiddle) than Tater Joes. Over 500 of each! Plus they’ll (Ken/Mark) shoot you a PDF of all of it for beer money. I sent ’em twenty bucks and got the […]

It seems quite impossible to get AT&T Cellular Service on an Apple Watch

I was finally convinced to get an Apple Watch. My wife and I wanted to do some fitness tracking stuff. I figured, sure, why not, the Apple Watch seems to do that super well. The series 3 has cellular service now too, so I could listen to music at the gym without bringing a phone […]

Indoor Kids

I couldn’t find a GIF or even YouTube of this moment from Wet Hot American Summer. It’s just a dumb line that I think about a lot. I own the movie on iTunes so I tried to make this from that, but apparently does a lot to prevent you from snipping bits from movies 🙄. […]

Letterpress Avoided the Die That Was Cast

Glenn Fleishman: In a small town on the shore of Lake Michigan, an hour and a half north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a little-known chunk of American history has been preserved through dogged effort. Indeed, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum is in the top 10 greatest things in Wisconsin. I’m so glad it has been saved. […]