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Random Thoughts and Data on Hiring from Recent Experience

I just lead up a hiring process at CodePen. We needed a UX designer, so we made a public job posting for one, tweeted it, and went from there. We got about 120 applicants. We got about 25% women. That’s not hard data because of course, I didn’t ask. It’s just based on first names. […]

USA Spending

Very nicely done site that allows you explore where the United States government spends money. I figured I’d try to find out a very basic question… how much of the federal budget goes to military spending. I’d seen pie charts like this that say 54% ($598.5 billion of 1.11 trillion in 2015). Then this site, […]

Tater Joes

If you’re an old-time banjo player or fiddle player, I imagine you couldn’t do much better for finding tabs (for banjo) and sheet music (for fiddle) than Tater Joes. Over 500 of each! Plus they’ll (Ken/Mark) shoot you a PDF of all of it for beer money. I sent ’em twenty bucks and got the […]

It seems quite impossible to get AT&T Cellular Service on an Apple Watch

I was finally convinced to get an Apple Watch. My wife and I wanted to do some fitness tracking stuff. I figured, sure, why not, the Apple Watch seems to do that super well. The series 3 has cellular service now too, so I could listen to music at the gym without bringing a phone […]