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Everything is fine

I’m already OK with the next mass shooting. Whenever that may be, I’ve already focused my thoughts and prayers on those victims and their families, so we’re good there. I’d like to be clear that considering the circumstances of this tragic event, absolutely nothing can be done about them, whatever they are. After this national […]

The Vast Bay Leaf Conspiracy

Important journalism by Kelly Conaboy: What does a bay leaf taste like? Nothing. What does a bay leaf smell like? Nothing. What does a bay leaf look like? A leaf. How does a bay leaf behave? It behaves as a leaf would, if you took a leaf from the tree outside of your apartment building […]

Community management + mmorpgs

A good thread by Sarah Mei‏, plus a follow up. I reallllllllll(llll)y wish it was published as a blog post somewhere though. So hard to read long things where each sentence is broken up by avatars! lines! icons! numbers! dates! ahhhhhh!

“but don’t get weighted down by the idea you have to do it all”

A nice bit of commentary from Josh Tuck on my recent workshop: Over the course of his talk, Chris casually, humorously, and re-reassuringly explained that all of that is bullshit. The tools that work for you are the right tools. The way you like to design and code is the right way. It’s okay to […]