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Two Signs

There are two main popular yard signs in my neighborhood right now. One says: We back the badge. Another says: Hate has no home here. When I see them at houses right next to each other, I can’t help but think the subtext is: We don’t really like them → and: ← We don’t really […]

No Spoons

Part of a video series with Butch Robbins about bluegrass history. Which brings me to an interesting point that David Greer shared with me one time. How come it is that when a guitar player takes on another instrument. He’s sitting there playing guitar. Every respects him for his guitar playing. He puts on another […]

Poor David’s Almanack

First listen is up on NPR Music. If it’s half as good as Nashville Obsolete OR A Friend of a Friend it’ll be a classic.

The Rabbit Test

While taking classes at Well Rounded to prepare us for the birth of our first child, I learned a weird little historical fact about pregnancy tests. The Rabbit Test: The original test used mice and was based upon the observation that when urine from a woman in the early months of pregnancy is injected into […]