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Coincidences and Succession

I enjoyed Succession for the most part. I just finished season one last night. Here’s one brief thought though of something that bugs me a little (aside from, you know, the fact that I spend so many hours watching a TV show entirely comprised of deeply awful people). There is a list of rules that […]

My Guitar

I have a pretty nice guitar that I bought from my friend Mark maybe 4-5 years ago. He was wanting to put some money down on a piece of land in Ashville, and gosh dangit if they didn’t get that land and live in the house on it part-time. I have no paperwork for the […]

Reading Outside the Sphere

Sometimes the most pleasurable articles to read are the ones that are shared with you by someone else. That “you should read this” moment is kind of special. One reason I appreciate having co-workers is this. They share great stuff that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise. Two just last week. One was about […]

Big Iron

The Marty Robbins original, and the entire album it’s on, is pretty great. The perfect sort of song for a Johnny Cash cover: And some more unexpected punk-ish covers like the Meat Puppets (although not very punky at all): Mike Ness’s is more punky, but really Mike Ness just has his own gruffy thing going […]

All-Home Audio

My first attempt at a home system that could beam audio to whatever room I wanted in my house I wanted was through using Apple’s AirPort Express devices. Circa 2012. They were little tiny wireless routers that also happened to have an audio out jack. I’d plug in some AudioEngine A2s: And then have a […]