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The Jargon File

This feels like a thing that probably everyone knows about, but somehow I’d never seen this glorious document. It feels like one part amazingly astute, and one part what the fuck.

Why Everyone Is Watching TV with Closed Captioning On These Days

I found it inexplicable when I first started dating my wife that she required Close Captioning on at all times when watching anything on a screen. But now I’m kinda into it. My favorite part is when they do the lyrics to songs and I can hear the thematic connections to what is going on […]

Improving WordPress Comments

WordPress has commenting functionality built-in. I feel like they haven’t seen a lot of love in a while. Here’s some random things I think would improve the situation. Email notifications need design love. How about some HTML email formatting with nice buttons for the actions (approve, delete, spam, etc). When you click those buttons, it […]

Collect Everything, Analyze Nothing

This is a great essay on usage data collection: It starts with a brilliant idea: we’ll collect information about every click someone makes on every page in our app! And we’ll track how long they hesitate over a particular choice! And how often they use the back button! How many seconds they watch our intro […]

My Obnoxious Answers about Email Newsletters

(This is just an email-answer-turned-blog-post.) What are some of the gotchas / pain points I should to look out for in running a newsletter? You need desire and motivation to do it. Newsletters are no sure-fire-business-win, so¬†hopefully,¬†it’s fueled by your own passion for the topic. We have a newsletter on CSS-Tricks because, as a publication, […]