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There is definitely an alternate universe where I stayed in the printing industry longer. But I was still super cool, so what I ultimately did was bought one of these rad RISO Digital Duplicators and I just had a little shop that made underground zines and supported the shop by printing them for other people. […]

40 for 40

I’m turning 41 soon, so I needed to get my list done while I’m still 40. Every decision we make, big and small, short-term and long-term, is an effort to improve our mood. Errrrybody got demons. Little is more powerful than writing. Look, it’s working! You’re getting to know me, and that’s a powerful thing. […]

Getting The AppleTV Remote To Actually Control My TV & Reciever

About a year ago I had a local professional come in and install an audio system in the family room at my house. I’ve done this kind of thing before. I’m not afraid of the technology, but I thought having some professional expertise might be nice. More, they were able to do some things I […]

Watchhouse is the new Mandolin Orange

I like this: … gave us the opportunity to sit with ourselves and set intentions. I’ve always been scared of major name changes. I run “CSS-Tricks” which is a name of site that really no longer fits the content of the site, in addition to just being cheesy. But the work involved with changing and […]

Number of Homes

I’m not even sure what house I lived in when I was born. Something where my mom and dad lived together, for the few years before they divorced. Then after that probably a couple of different houses before my memory kicks in? I dunno, I’ll just list this as one. The Lynndale Rd. House in […]

Howie Howe & Barry Goldwater

I was born in 1980, so Ronald Reagan is the first American president I remember. I don’t think about Reagan all that often, aside from an odd Hank Hill joke or being flabbergasted on a family trip to Branson by the giant head. I thought of him the other day though, after seeing this sticker: […]

I Like That The Boat Is Stuck

Gailey / Stone Soup: It feels profoundly goofy to even discuss the big stuck boat. You can say those three words in any order and it will describe the situation:Big stuck boat!Boat BIG STUCK.Big boat? Stuck.Stuck boat BIG. See? It’s great. There’s no way to phrase the fact of the boat being stuck that can […]