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I Like That The Boat Is Stuck

Gailey / Stone Soup: It feels profoundly goofy to even discuss the big stuck boat. You can say those three words in any order and it will describe the situation:Big stuck boat!Boat BIG STUCK.Big boat? Stuck.Stuck boat BIG. See? It’s great. There’s no way to phrase the fact of the boat being stuck that can […]


It was hard enough to get the families onto WhatsApp. My wife and I pushed for that to normalize chat across iOS and Android for our friends and family. I feel bad for anyone on Android who has to put up with iPhone people sending them videos that come across the size of a postage […]


I’m with Olivia Wilde, no assholes: She says she got advice once about directing once that was like: “the way to get respect on a set is to have three big arguments a day. Big ones that re-instate your power and remind everyone who is in charge. Be the predator.” And she says “that’s the […]

Prince & The Super Bowl

I know Anil is a Prince super-fan, but his deep knowledge never fails to impress. His How Prince won the Super Bowl is a great read. I remember being a basically “Prince. Yeah. I know who that dude is. Sometimes people play his tracks at the bar.” kinda guy to a pretty big Prince fan […]

Snowblower Mat

I’ve never been able to find a good system for what to put beneath my snowblower in the garage. After you snowblower, the thing is covered in snow. This janky system I have catches it as it melts back into water, so it’s not a big sprawling puddle. You can wipe the snow off to […]


An Interview with an Anonymous Amazonian: … we make it easy to migrate and difficult to leave. If you have a ton of data in your data center and you want to move it to AWS but you don’t want to send it over the internet, we’ll send an eighteen-wheeler to you filled with hard […]

Perplex City

I was so excited about Perplex City when it came out in 2005. I ordered cards and set about solving the puzzles on the cards. The big idea was that real life mixed into the puzzles a bit (“alternate reality game”) in a search for “a priceless scientific and spiritual artifact” known as The Cube. […]