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Bluegrass ≠ Old Time

In my days of playing in acoustic bands, people would come up and ask me if the instrument I was playing was a ukulele (it was a mandolin). To me, that was kind of like mistaking War and Peace for a coloring book (lol rude srry). But I understood. Not everybody knows the name of […]

Animated Knots

What a treasure of a site. At least once a year I find myself needing some kind of knot that I don’t know how to die but assume exists. Recently it was a knot where you tie it first, then can tighten it by pulling after you’ve tied it. Looks like that’s probably this one.

Charlie Peter

Nice save. Original on reel-to-reel. Dubbed to 3/4″ cassette. Dubbed again to digital. Sounds pretty good for all the churn.