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The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

A great look into the origins and rise to popularity of Magic. Including, to no one’s surprise, shitty actors in the community and the struggle to deal with them. I had a pretty hardcore Magic phase in high school. I still have boxes and boxes of cards, now quite useless as the format is quite […]

Further Down the Line

I was at Zigzag Old Time Music Campout this past weekend. I met this fella Scott who was taking a banjo workshop with the rest of us banjo players and plucking around on his new banjo he picked up on a whim and put nylon strings on. Later, he performed at the open mic, and […]

‪For my birthday I…‬

Had coffee from Backporch Worked on moving the last stuff out of and cleaning up our old house Got an Ocean Roll from @sparrowbakery for breakfast Did some unpacking at the new house Went for a hike with Ruby, Miranda, and Jack from Tumalo Falls to Double Falls. We used the hiking baby backpack (that […]

Simply Banh Mi

What is your wife’s cousin’s husband called? Anyway, that’s John Tran to me, who’s got a great little profile in byGeorge. The article opens up about his “objectively bad website”: We have a pretty objectively bad website. If I paid someone to make that, I’d be pretty irritated. But I try to be real. I’m […]

Farewell, Charlotte

She was one of the best ones. Here’s hoping her retirement is relaxing and rewarding. I’m retiring from the web design industry. The web dev industry. Just the web in general. I’m so burnt out, and I don’t think it’s recoverable. It’s not a hidden secret that the web can be a toxic place and […]