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Phase 3

State of the Word this year: I’m most excited to learn about “Phase 3” of Gutenberg. Realtime editing features sound neat, but I’m most interested in what the “workflow” features Matt eluded to there are. My dream workflow for CSS-Tricks is to get draft blog posts into Gutenberg as soon as possible. Right now they […]

You Can Advertise On Websites That Are, Ya Know, About Things.

Apple is going to roll out a software update that gives users a choice about data being collected on them. Facebook is so pissed about it that they are doing that thing that super wealthy companies do where they take out full-page advertisements in newspapers to bitch about it. Instead of just saying “this is […]

Dropcam and macOS = Nope.

I think it went like this: Dropcam started in 2009 and made a nice WiFi camera thing. Nest started in 2010, and acquired Dropcam in 2014 Google acquired Nest also in 2014, so maybe those things happened at the same time? Anyway, I happen to have a Dropcam camera, and now it’s a paperweight because: […]

실용적인 SVG

I got a couple of print copies of my book, Practical SVG, translated into Korean by the company webactually. Here’s a photo of it sitting on top of another book I co-authored many years ago also translated by them: From what it looks like to me, they do a pretty great job of the translation. […]

‘The Last Waltz’ Is The Best Thanksgiving Movie Ever Made

I extremely randomly put on The Last Waltz yesterday. Miranda and I have had the song Ophelia in our heads for weeks after seeing a cover band play it, and that our friends have a new baby named Ophelia. The Band plays Ophelia in their seminal concert: But I absolutely did not remember that some […]

The Tenuous Promise of the Substack Dream

I’m super intrigued by Substack for the same reason everyone is: there seems to be money there. Steven Levy’s article at WIRED gets into it. Here’s a bit from Casey Newton, who wrote newsletters for Vox: [Casey] sees newsletters as something he’ll be doing for his whole career. And if he draws a relatively modest […]

Rollerblade Wheels for Office Chairs

Speaking of little improvements to chairs… Daniel Aleksandersen: I swapped out my boring old office chair double-wheeled castors for rollerblade-style wheels. I didn’t quite know what I expected, but I’m happier with my chair. The new wheels also as the potential for a minuscule improve my health; so what’s not to like? Who knew? I gotta […]