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I had one of those “nightmare” travel experiences the other day. I was flying with my 2-year-old daughter Ruby. That has its own inherent challenges since she’s fairly hyper and wasn’t loving being confined to an airplane seat. It was a pretty normal 2-leg flight, but we found out the 2nd leg was canceled, so […]

The Problem With Bubba’s Burgers

It’s true. You’ve been driving all morning on a two-lane highway and you’re getting hungry. You come to the small town of Nowheresville and at the intersection there are two hamburger joints. One is McDonald’s, the other is Bubba’s Burgers. It is highly likely that Bubba makes a better burger than McDonald’s. But it is […]

A Trip to Tulum

Hey listen—I’m not the most cultured and experienced world traveler. For example, this was my first experience traveling somewhere after you poop, the plumbing is so sensitive that you have to throw the poop-covered toilet paper into a trash can rather than flush it. I was assured this is a quite common “beach thing” by […]

I’ve had some VC’s asking me about JAMstack

So I wrote up a thing. JAMstack is funny. Technologically, it’s both super simple and a paradigm shift in building websites. In some ways, it’s a rejection of websites getting so complicated. If you made an “index.html” file for your cafe and put the soup of the day on it and hosted on bare-bones hosting, […]

Joker Logo

The #1 thing I miss about Milwaukee, aside from friends and family, is the open membership Bay View Printing Co. I got nostalgic for it seeing the super basic wooden letterform way they made the logo for the new Joker movie.