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My Favorites Movies of the 2010’s

Polygon writers all did top 10 lists and it made me want to play. Moonrise Kingdom Inside Llewyn Davis Hell or High Water Drive Ex Machina Coco Take Shelter Arrival Prometheus The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Mad Max: Fury Road Inception Pacific Rim Edge of Tomorrow Interstellar

I Can Knot Not Code

I think knots are so cool. Knots, as in, tying rope in special ways to accomplish different tasks with the rope. This website is way better than it even needs to be and I love it. I even have this very fancy hardcover book that is like the classic knots book: The Ashley Book of […]

Caramelized Onions

I made French Onion Soup the other week. In the end, it just made three big dinner-sized bowls of soup, but the recipe started with carmelizing 5 big onions! Once that step is done, they must be a tenth of their original volume. Probably some kind of metaphor there. Like things can feel so damn […]

I Still Kinda Don’t Get Event-Based Hashtags

I think I understand hashtags in general. On services, like Twitter, that support them, I can put a word like #party and, when published, it becomes a link to some listings page of posts that also use that same hashtag. They are user-generated classifications that help users get to related posts. Discoverability, I suppose. Make […]

Coincidences and Succession

I enjoyed Succession for the most part. I just finished season one last night. Here’s one brief thought though of something that bugs me a little (aside from, you know, the fact that I spend so many hours watching a TV show entirely comprised of deeply awful people). There is a list of rules that […]