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Sound & Fury

Did NOT see this coming from Sturgill Simpson, but I’m excited for it.

👍👎 Phish

I love Rob Weychert‘s review of being taken to a Phish concert. Rob certainly wasn’t won over, but an even-keeled attitude was forged: Like most people, I don’t believe taste has objective value, and like most people, that doesn’t stop me from behaving as if it does. I guess it’s got to do with status […]

Banjo Emoji

I don’t think it’s actually arrived yet (sometime in 2019?) but I’m all about having a banjo emoji. I’m not exactly marginalized by not yet having an emoji for one of the main instruments I play, so clearly the bigger story here is multi-person skin tone emojis. Hats off to all of them, really.


A Slack I’m in was popping with sick Jolene JPGs and I wanted to make sure to never lose them so.