New Banjo & Local Event Fun

It’s an 11″ pot Oak and Pistachio Short Scale Five String Banjo from Beansprout / Aaron Keim & family up in Hood River, Oregon. I drove up to Hood River to pick it up and see Aaron, his shop, and his family. It was so cool to see the woodworking shop of a real luthier. […]

The Many Faces of Puzzles

Much of my daily brain power is dedicated to logic puzzles. Coding is effectively a logic puzzle and I do an awful lot of that. Many other aspects of a business are solving puzzles. Determining strategy. Trying to be effective at marketing. Measuring and charting progress. Running a business is just playing a game with […]

Dead Wax

Fascinating that the CEO and co-founder of Patreon, Jack Conte, has a YouTube Channel (cheezy clickbait thumbnails and all) where he hangs out with his buddies, invites on super good musicians to talk about their work, and shoots the breeze about good music old and new. Well, I guess I can relate.

Police Radar on Google Maps Driving Directions

I just noticed for this first time while driving along a highway that Google Maps shows “Speed Traps”. Apparently user-reported (where? maybe in Waze?) data where police are using radar speed guns to measure your driving speed, and pull you over and ticket you if you’re speeding. I don’t hate it, it just seems a […]

Sweet Spot for RSS?

Ben Ubois was on The Changlelog the other day. Ben is the creator of Feedbin, my preferred RSS service. I say “service” and not “reader” because while I sometimes use Feedbin itself as a reader (it’s good), I also bounce around to other readers for fun. The API they offer enables this, which is a […]

No Route Talk

I think about The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About fairly often. This American Life producer Sarah Koenig’s mother, Mrs. Matthiessen, has seven rules. I’ll put them here, as she says them (although she credits a “French friend” for the first five): Never talk about how you slept, nobody cares. Never talk about your […]


We decided to move to tankless water heating at our house. So rather than a huge drum water heater that I’ve had in every home of my life, we have these small wall-mounted rectangles. Part of our original impetus was that we’d have “instant” hot water. Which… turns out isn’t really a feature of tankless […]

Scaffolding as a Good Way to Get Started

I’ve noticed that a lot of my commit messages the last few months, especially on new branches, simply say scaffolding. I usually mean it in a very general sense. Not necessarily using some kind of framework or CLI scaffolding, like the famous rails generate scaffold or the generic Yeoman generator, but in a general sense. […]

JavaScript Import Sorting

It’s fascinating how the order of imports doesn’t matter in individual JavaScript files. If you start awaiting them and using their methods for things, then it might matter, but those top-level normal imports at the top of so many JavaScript files… the order is largely irrelevant. This: Behaves no differently than: I know we’re not […]


At first I noticed a yard crew over at Jim’s house cutting his grass and trimming the bushes. That’s weird. Jim always did his own yard work. I know because he’s our neighbor right across the street and he was out there a lot. He lived alone. I always thought it was impressive because Jim […]


It was the first real day of smoke here in Bend yesterday. Mercifully, a bit late in the summer compared to previous years. But it’s still here. Just a fact of life now. The west burns in huge swathes every year and we deal with the carnage and poor air quality. Climate change in real-time. […]