It’s a common sentiment: The harder you work, the luckier you get. It’s a book, but I’m sure the orignial quote is like Mark Twain or something. I’ll admit it resonates with me. When I’m really working hard on the right things, for all the world to see, good things tend to happen. Things that […]

Coyier’s Edge Law

Brian Rinaldi: Does the Serverless Edge Live Up to the Hype? Your edge function – or middleware as some frameworks call it – will be called when the request comes in before it hits the origin server. It can modify that request, redirect it – so no need for slower server-side or client-side redirects or […]

In The Stacks (Massie’s Tune) by Robin Sloan

Wonderful story from Robin where an 83-year-old woman who learns to play “the Big Red Synthesizer, enormous, as long as a Fiat” at the public library. Interestingly, commissioned by a design studio. Doubling the coolness, a modern, functional, web-powered synthesizer forms the header of the story. Amazing what web audio can do, ain’t it?

Browserslist Visualized

Have you seen the Browserslist concept? You make a .browserslistrc file at the root of a project, or a browserslist key in a package.json file, which indicates what browsers you want to support. Then any other code processing tool on that project and refer to it to make decisions about how to process that code. […]

Pocket Casts is Open Source

I’ve used Pocket Casts as my preferred podcast app for… I dunno a long time I don’t really remember using anything else. I like it. It was July 2021 when Automattic bought it. Friggin wildcard acquisition right? Although Matt has said: Automattic is structured a bit like a holding company. I like to think of us […]

A Perfect* CI Process

When you commit and push code to a Git repository, it can kick off a series of events. A pipeline for your software, as it were. This whole process is often called “continuous integration,” or CI for short. It’s pretty crucial to modern software development and falls under the umbrella of “DevOps” in current developer […]

The Great Divide Was Indeed Divisive

Zach reflects on 17 years in the game and my essay The Great Divide, four years old this month: The Great Divide really resonated with me. I keep coming back to it and I do think it continues to accurately describe what feels like two very distinct and separate camps of web developer. And despite […]

My Helvetica& Shirt

I don’t know what step through debugging even is ok. When this post came through my RSS reader it looked extra rad:

Friggin Lasers

I have this (extremely loose) idea for an activity in which a laser beam shines onto a gameboard, parallel to the board, and you have to use mirrors to reflect the beam toward an end goal. Maybe you’re solving a logic puzzle of sorts, where you are reaching the goal with limited equipment. Maybe it’s […]

Getting The Most Value Out Of An Answer

Say someone asks you a question. They walk up to your desk, send you an email, ping you on Slack, whatever. The answer needs to be beefy. You could answer with your mouth, respond to their email, or DM them back. That’s totally fine and probably the most socially acceptable way to answer. But also […]

Ten Years Since NYT’s “Snow Fall”

Sarah Bahr at NYT notes that Snow Fall is 10 years old now. It was a big smurfing deal in the crossover world of web design and journalism. It was like the concept of “art-directed blog posts,” but for news stories, taken to an 11. Here’s a collapsed version of how it all played out:

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