Chris Coyier

It doesn’t much matter how CDNy your Jamstack site is if everything important happens from a single-origin server. Edge functions are probably part of the solution.

By “everything important”, I mean hitting APIs. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a neat idea to pre-build and CDN-serve an HTML shell page and then make a fetch request for data that you then template and render (it’s kinda neat, good job kids). But don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re really a CDN-hosted […]

Where them individual borders in Figma at?

You gotta imagine 90%+ of work in Figma is website bound. And Figma does great stuff that makes elements more web-like, like the wonderful auto layout. But in CSS, we can easily control the borders on all four sides of an element with border. That’s border-top, border-right, border-bottom, and border-left, or with logical properties, border-block-start, […]


Maybe personal sites aren’t a real social media alternative for most people. I take Mia’s point: But I’m a nerd and have nerd friends with personal websites so we can simulate a social network with personal sites. At least a little bit. In a slower, more considered, more long-form kinda way. I still think the […]

Worker Editor

Props to Cloudflare for their Worker Playground/Editor thing: Sorry for the giant desktop screenshot there, but I’m sure that’s how it’s meant to be used. It’s an information and interactivity dense experience. I bet not even that many people use it, because it’s kinda “cowboy coding” when you do. Serious usage of Workers is surely […]

Dick Avoidance

There is a bit of a silver lining to someone being a dick to you: you never have to deal with them again! Farewell, hoss. I don’t have to listen to you. I don’t have to work with you. I don’t have to look at you. But with a bit of self-reflection there, that’s awfully […]


Jeremy: I would love it if someone could explain why they’re avoid native browser features but use third-party code. I can’t speak for the industry, but I have a guess. Third-party code (like the referenced Bootstrap and React) have a history of smoothing over significant cross-browser issues and providing better-than-browser ergonomic APIs. jQuery was created […]

I’m so curious about what Twitter employees are thinking and feeling.

It is surely irresistible clickbait to report “bad”, so grain of salt there, but all the headlines are like “bad”. Washington Post: Twitter workers face a reality they’ve long feared: Elon Musk as owner The Verge: What Twitter employees are saying about Elon Musk Time: Twitter Employees Have Spent Years Trying to Make the Platform […]

Fast, Mattering

I’ve heard the guys on Dithering occasionally kinda poo-poo “5G”, that is, the next generation of cellular internet service. It’s already “rolling out” as they say, so if you happen to have a device that supports it on a carrier that supports in a region that that carrier offers 5G, maybe you’ve already experienced it. […]

“How can people follow you and give you money?”

Dave has asked that of every guest on ShopTalk for a decade. Now he’s got his own page to answer that question. On the last “version” of this site, I had a section like that (I called it “Things I want you to do”), but I’ve retired it for now. I’m so focused on CodePen […]

Coyier’s Law

The effort-to-engagement ratio for content is unguessable.

Updating Discord

I’ve been using Discord maybe… 18 months? A little bit of a latecomer. It’s a great service and has really displaced Slack for communities. Almost certainly because it’s free, inviting people is as simple as giving them a URL, and the permissions/moderation controls are good. I’m a member of a number of mostly tech-focused Discord […]