🎮 Switch

I just got a Nintendo Switch. It was released in 2017, so I’m a little behind the curve. My thinking was that Ruby, my five-year-old, is just about ready to be able to play games with controllers. I’ve tried before with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on AppleTV using a controller, and we both loved it, […]

Expanding Grid Cards with View Transitions

A friend showed me something of a design spec they were charged with pulling off: The requirements: … when I click on any of them it expands at the top to full width and the rest of the cards re-arrange themselves below it. Like anything web design & development, there are a boatload of ways […]

What’s a Basic Use Case for Cascade Layers in CSS?

Say you pull in Bootstrap (or any other grab-and-go CSS library) something like: Now you use it to style a card or something… But you don’t like the amount of margin on .card-title. Now what? Options: I’m not a big fan of any of those approaches. They all come with at best little mental overhead […]

Emoji Lists, The Good Way?

I read some accessibility advice recently: don’t make lists where the bullet for each item is an emoji. I think they were saying it is just… annoying. I generally find it annoying visually, so I imagine it’s more so when you have to wait for emojis to be described. Here’s a screenshot of what I […]

Family Trip to Hawai’i

We’ve just returned from our spring break trip this year. Sppprrinnnng breaaaaakkkk. We joined another of the same families from our fateful spring break trip last year, so Ruby our 5-year-old was joined by her buddies Monroe (5) and Zoey (4). Any other day, I would have felt extremely self-conscious and a bit silly pronouncing […]

Prevent Transitions as a Page is Loading

I ran into this problem 11 years ago and blogged it. The problem is preserved in this video that shows a hilariously early version of CodePen and how some CSS transitions are firing early and causing the page load to look weird. That old blog post used jQuery and old CSS prefixes, and someone just […]


Nicholas C. Zakas talked about delegation in a newsletter a while back. I remember my first experience with delegating was making the choice to hire people in the early CSS-Tricks years. I wanted to do it because entirely because of time. There was just too much to do and if I could delegate stuff, I […]


I enjoyed this podcast with Susan Rogers who’s new book This is What it Sounds Like digs into why we like the songs we like. Susan unpacks the seven dimensions of music and how they show up along a varying spectrum in every song. She explains how everyone has an individualized taste for the configuration […]

I Wish TMUX Looked Good

I kinda like tmux. A terminal multiplexer. Hell yeah. What it does, anyway. Less so how it looks or works. 😬 Toss a little tmuxinator on there and now the config is a tolerable incantation of yaml. (Or, probably, some shell script that sets things up and then calls that command.) Away we go! The […]

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