I’ve always liked tools help me do DevOps-ish stuff but make it easy and have a UI. For example, I used MAMP back in the day because it ran (on my Mac) MySQL, Apache, and PHP, which was the stack for like every CMS. MAMP is still a thing, but I’ve happily moved on to Local because it’s WordPress-specific, which is what I need, and has worked quickly and near-flawlessly as long as I’ve used it.

So I was down to check out IndigoStack, a new tool for helping with dev environment dependencies with a cool looking UI:

It seems like the big thing with it is that it doesn’t use Docker. That’s cool. Docker is certainly no lightweight thing on my Mac.

The problem is that it doesn’t play well with Docker at all. Because I do use Docker, I can’t even spin it up.

Looks like the HTTP/S ports are configurable so I could get around that, but the dsnmasq port is not, so it’s a non-starter for me as I use that. It’s just in Beta, though, so maybe ultimately there will be ways to make it play nicely with whatever else is going on on any given machine.

I’d shoot for making it do that automatically if possible. Software that just works is pretty friggin sweet.



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3 responses to “IndigoStack”

  1. I would suggest reaching out to the developer and asking about adding dsnmasq config.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi, Indigo dev here. Thanks for your post about it :)

    Would you believe we actually removed Dnsmasq from Indigo a few months ago (for a bunch of reasons similar to the one you experienced). However we apparently overlooked removing the startup port check! Doh! So in other words, the “port 53 is in use” error is now entirely spurious; I’ve just removed it for the next release. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Also, I’ve noted in my todo list to add code to have Indigo automatically suggest alternative ports if 80 and 443 are already taken. I’m very keen for Indigo to “just work” as you said.

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