Prebiotic Sodas

I like kombucha as much as the next person (a little), but unfortunately, nothing has really been able to break my Diet Soda addiction. Is it a huge problem? I don’t know. But sometimes I think, well, at least it can’t be terribly good for my guts. Maybe prebiotic sodas (kombucha formulated to taste like soda?) could be a step off.

That is… if they don’t suck.

I happened to see a bunch of them in different areas of my local Safeway. Safeway isn’t the most progressive grocery store so maybe these things are catching on a bit. I thought I’d give them a try:

Quick reviews:

  • Lolipop Classic Root Beer: Good!
  • Lolipop Vintage Cola: Fine.
  • Poppi Orange: Little chemical-y tasting, but fine.
  • Culture Pop Watermelon & Lime: Refreshing but much closer to a La Croix than a soda.

I’d buy that root beer again for sure. Only 35 calories is a bonus.



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