Y’all know Buffer? It’s a fairly sophisticated app for posting to social media. It began, I believe, as just a way to schedule tweets. Then it became a way to craft social media posts but send them to more than just Twitter: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. That, to me, is still the core value. If you have accounts on all those, it’s too much rote work trying to cross-post yourself.

Chris Enns the other day (in our ShopTalk Discord) noted that:

  1. can do cross-posting too (shown off in this video at this time stamp).
  2. They are having a sale where it’s just $1/month (for 4 months then it’s $5)

What seemed notable to me was how different the group of sites to cross-post are, so I documented it quick:
TwitterThey say it’s fine, and I basically trust Buffer, but I have zero trust in Twitter.☯️ For now, the video a few days ago said it would be removed in coming months.
Bluesky✅ Nice, way to be on it.
YouTube☯️ Coming soon, they say.
Google Business Profile

So there are:

  • Four sites that can do that Buffer can’t: Bluesky, Flickr, Tumblr, and Medium.
  • Six sites that Buffer can do that can’t: Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Shopify, Google Business

I was particularly interested in how could do Bluesky, because that seems hotly up-and-coming and CodePen has an account there now. And is so affordable! Buffer can be a bit expensive with a team and multiple channels. Maybe I’ll switch? But no, probably not, I really like that Buffer can do Instagram — so I gotta stick with that for now probably.

What I didn’t do here, obviously, is look at other apps out there that can do cross-posting. I literally have no idea who else is doing it. I should probably have a look around.



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