It is not me who is bad, it is the machine, you see.

I think text-generation “AI” will succeed entirely on the merit that most people just don’t like writing. They just don’t wanna do it. They have to do it, because job, but they’d rather not. It’s not a part of their role that they enjoy. It’s certainly not a fun break from other duties. They may cede that writing can be useful for getting people on the same page, clarifying thinking, or even influencing things in beneficial ways, but that’s not enough to get over the hump of just not liking it.

If a robot could write for them, they are friggin’ down. Sign ’em up. Take their credit card.

For many, even if they wouldn’t directly say it this way, they are afraid of writing. Maybe it’s the very power of writing that does it. The power that gives writing the ability to move people is the same power that can make someone look silly and ignorant. A great document can align a team and move the ball. A bad document leaves everyone mumbling what dummy wrote this. Generative “AI” text not only might help get the job done, but it tempers the fear. It helps people who can’t get the gumption to write get through it. And perhaps just as crucially: pass the buck. Not necessarily in a way that avoids true responsibility, but in a way that avoids devil-on-the-shoulder thinking. The words aren’t bad because I’m dumb, it’s because the machine is dumb.



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