Plays on Sci-Fi

I’ve heard a couple of mutations of “Sci-Fi” recently, so I’m documenting them for reference.

  • Sci-If — Science fiction fixated on a version of reality with an alternate answer to a big scientific “what if?”
  • Cli-Fi — Science fiction based on climate change.
  • Sky-Fly — Scient fiction with flying cars, jetpacks, etc.
  • Nigh-Fi — Near-future science fiction
  • Cry-Fi — Science fiction tragedies
  • Stye-Fi — Science fiction where everyone has red lumps around their eyes
  • Sci-Why — Science fiction that tries to answer one of science’s biggest mysteries
  • Pi-Fi — You know I’m just making this crap up, right?



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One response to “Plays on Sci-Fi”

  1. David East says:

    And here I was this whole time thinking that CLI-FI referred to science fiction about Command Line Interfaces.

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