What the heck does “fast” mean?

From Dave’s So you want to make a new JS framework:

You need say it’s “fast”

This requirement applies to nearly every tech product. You absolutely gotta tell people it’s fast, but, plot twist, these products often aren’t particularly clear about what that means. Picking on frameworks specifically, some frameworks pick one possible meaning, toss a chart in some announcement context, and call it substantiated.

What could it mean?

  • The amount of code it is is relatively small compared to other similar technologies, thus it downloads faster and has faster cache restores than competitors.
  • The build process (or other public functions) runs faster than competitors.
  • The complete time from saving a file to seeing changes in the browser during development is faster than competitors.
  • It updates the DOM faster than competitors during data or state changes.
  • Users can do the job of coding a website faster than using a competitor.
  • The production website is faster for users than it would be using a competitor.
  • A person who produces content for the website could produce it, get it approved, and ship it faster than they could with a competitor.

What else might it mean? (I’d love to flesh out the list, plz comment below.)

I’d like to see more substantiation of that fast adjective. Frameworks! What do you mean exactly? Where is the data? Is the data refreshed on each release? Is the data gathered from different scales of usage? Is there data from The Real World?

— Chris Coyier, World’s Fastest Blogger


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