2023 CSS Wishlists

Fun little blogging theme emerging this winter here. I like 🧠 galaxy-brain stuff the most. That is, ideas I haven’t seen floated anywhere else but make good sense. There is a bunch of stuff that we kinda just know we’re going to get this year, and while that stuff is aces, let’s push the thinking further.

  • Manuel Matuzović: My CSS wish list
    • 🧠: visibility: visually-hidden; — shorthand for hiding an element from flow, and from being seen, but left in the accessibility tree as-is. Love it. visibility also plays nice with animation so that’s extra good.
  • Dave Rupert: CSS Wishlist 2023
    • 🧠: [popover] — positioning an element relative to another without DOM placement restrictions would be awesome.
  • Eric Meyer: CSS Wish List 2023
    • 🧠: grid-rules-columns: 1px dotted red; — styling grid tracks is a great idea because there is essentially no way at all to do this right now. I think I’d find styling grid cells more useful, but for that, you can always place an element in there and style the element so at least there is a possible way.
  • Ahmad Shadeed: My CSS Wishlist
    • 🧠: @container style(wrap) — style when flexbox wraps, interesting!
  • Tyler Sticka: Tyler’s CSS Wish List for 2023
    • 🧠: text-wrap: balance — so a 4-word headline would balance two words to a line, and the like.
  • Me: Things CSS Could Still Use Heading Into 2023
    • 🧠: ::resize-handle — let me get my hands on that resizer!

This is fun! Let’s hear more from more diverse folks!


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