I’d like to remove the typeface Academy Engraved LET please.

See this typeface Academy Engraved LET? It’s usually the first typeface in my Font dropdowns in every single app.


No shade, it’s just a very stylized typeface that isn’t really my style. I want to remove it from this dropdown. Maybe not even forever, just deactivate it.

That’s what FontBook is for, right? Normally, but not for system fonts like this with a lock icon.

System Fonts Selected

Fonts automatically installed by Apple are selected. These fonts cannot be deleted or deactivated.

AWWW QUIT-‘CHER-BITCHIN COYIER it’s just one font, just ignore it.

It’s NOT just one font, oh ye fake voice from the internet. It’s not 3 fonts, or 10 fonts, or 100 fonts. It’s five hundred and sixty-seven fonts.

That’s 567!!!! Fonts!!!! Automatically installed that you cannot remove or deactivate on macOS Ventura. What in the absolute heck.

And for the record my preferred font management tool Typeface can’t deactivate it either. So it seems like there isn’t an easy third-party way to skirt the restrictions in FontBook.

Cannot deactivate system fonts

The following macOS system fonts are protected and cannot be deactivated:

Does any of y’all smarties on the internet know if we can cull this herd of 567 system fonts on Ventura or what? Gosh dang Steve Jobs rolling in his grave I tell you what.


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3 responses to “I’d like to remove the typeface Academy Engraved LET please.”

  1. Joseph says:

    I was going to suggest sudo rm, but according to https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/314960/removing-unremovable-system-fonts, “Standard macOS fonts can’t be removed since they are components of macOS. Built-in fonts are protected by SIP, and even if you manually remove the font files, they will be restored on macOS update.” That’s incredibly annoying. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/help-delete-font-system.2302063/ Says you can remove them from recovery mode without disabling sip, but I don’t know if they’d be restored when MacOS updates.

  2. Cory Schadt says:

    Love that you are blogging a lot here. Alway appreciate your thoughts man.

  3. Kem says:

    Came to this page trying to figure out a way to deactivate, specifically, Academy Engraved. But I agree, there’s no reason for Apple to force that many fonts on us that are not essential to system functions. Annoying.

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