Some Monospace Fonts I’ve Only Just Seen

  • Berkeley Mono (I also love the designer’s website)
  • Martian Mono (I like this line buried in an image on the repo: “The typeface features a tall x-height, and it has vertical metrics which guarantee equal space is present above the cap height and under the baseline. The latter makes this typeface an on-screen workhorse: it is evenly placed on buttons, inputs, lists, and forms. When coupled together, all the above features make Martian Mono a reasonable choice for any user interface design.”)
  • Monocraft (pixel font)
  •  iA Writer Mono (there is also a “duospace” version which is interesting)
  • Vulf Mono (for a band!)
  • Go (a typeface just for a programming language? weird!)

I guess that’s what happens when you blog about something. After you hit publish you see and learn a bunch more about that thing that you wish you know before you hit publish.



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2 responses to “Some Monospace Fonts I’ve Only Just Seen”

  1. Blake Watson says:

    I wrote about those iA Writer fonts recently. I call ones like Duo and Quattro, “almost monospaced.”

  2. Ben Frain says:

    Love the zero with the negative space slash through in the Berkeley one. Will have to try it just to see that!

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