Pocket Casts is Open Source

I’ve used Pocket Casts as my preferred podcast app for… I dunno a long time I don’t really remember using anything else. I like it.

It was July 2021 when Automattic bought it. Friggin wildcard acquisition right? Although Matt has said:

Automattic is structured a bit like a holding company. I like to think of us as like Berkshire Hathaway with a common digital platform, is definitely what we aspire to.

Automattic is all about open source, so it was cool to see Pocket Casts go open source. Took them just over a year, which feels about right to me. No small job to ready to a codebase for untold public eyeballs.

I kinda wanna open an issue. I use Pocket Casts with CarPlay every day of my life. Once in a while, I hear a little hiccup of sound, where after about one minute of listening it’ll rewind like 2 seconds. I know that if I hear this, the app will crash within another minute or so. I need to relaunch it and then scrub to where I was because it will have forgotten.

But… that’s a crappy bug report. I don’t know how to tell them to reproduce it. I don’t have logs. I don’t know anything really except that vague description. I’ll probably just do nothing. There are loads of CarPlay related tickets already so maybe it’ll get fixed as those get mopped up.


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One response to “Pocket Casts is Open Source”

  1. Christian W. says:

    Not that this is the place for debugging stuff or anything. If you take away the crashing part, this is the same behavior as when you start playing something without pre-downloading it first, then download it while listening. It starts streaming/playing from a temp file, and then when the full file is downloaded it switches to that one, which makes it jump a second or two back in the podcast.
    Not saying it’s related, but maybe there is some file access error hidden somewhere that triggers on a edge case… More food if you file an issue..

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