Ten Years Since NYT’s “Snow Fall”

Sarah Bahr at NYT notes that Snow Fall is 10 years old now. It was a big smurfing deal in the crossover world of web design and journalism. It was like the concept of “art-directed blog posts,” but for news stories, taken to an 11.

Here’s a collapsed version of how it all played out:

  • Holy crap! Snow Fall is such an awesome immersive experience!
  • Hmmm. Maybe this should be the future of journalism on the web. The bar has been raised.
  • This turns out to be largely true. Lots more of this is done.
  • 10 billion conversations in newsrooms happen that reference Snow Fall.
  • Ughgk, I’m getting sick of hearing about Snow Fall.
  • If I hear Snow Fall one more time, I’m walking out of this room.
  • Snow Fall fades into the past.
  • Snow Fall is properly honored, remembered, and people understand that, like everything else in the world, it depends.


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3 responses to “Ten Years Since NYT’s “Snow Fall””

  1. Hugh Haworth says:

    The first news article I ever saw with this level of art directed news was the Guardian’s work on the 100th anniversary for WW1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2014/jul/23/a-global-guide-to-the-first-world-war-interactive-documentary

    I remember being so surprised that they could (and would) make an experience that immersive for the web. Inspiring stuff!!

  2. tommy george says:

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  3. Batbayar B. says:

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