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I was reading Hafsah Lakhany Ismail’s Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2022 post the other day and made it a point to try the ones that looked interesting to me. There are some good ones in there!

One standout to me was Tango. They say:

Create how-to guides, in seconds.

They aren’t wrong! You literally just do something on a website while it is “capturing” you, and it turns your actions into a step-by-step formatted web page with what they call “perfectly cropped screenshots”.

Check out this one I made in about 20 seconds on how to add an HTML snippet in CodePen.

“Instant documentation”, they say. If you could pluck these out in some kinda nice way to put on your own website, I could see them being used for real product documentation. How fast they are to make is a big deal. Product screenshots go out of date SO STINKING FAST it’s tempting to not use screenshots at all. But if you can re-do them in a few seconds, hey, that’s something. But even if you don’t use it for docs, using it in customer support to literally show someone something could be awful handy.


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2 responses to “Tango Browser Extension”

  1. Sean says:

    Chris! Sean from Tango here. First off, thanks for sharing this post, and stoked you had a great experience with Tango. Wanted to share that you can, in fact, embed a captured Tango on a website! You should try out the Magic Copy or Live Embed. Just click the 3-dot on any Tango and “Share & Export”.

    Secondly, the “Guide Me” feature is something we’ve been honing, found in that same menu. Would love for you to take it for a spin and share your feedback.

    Thanks again!

  2. Brian Shultz says:

    Hey Chris — one of the founders here. Am so flattered to see Tango highlighted by such a legend!

    Am so happy you found it useful. Have you tried the embed or magic copy features? Might find those handy for embedding/pasting Tangos right here on your site :)


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