Dan’s Book: Twenty Bits I Learned About Making Websites

I got a copy of Dan’s latest book!

So many endearing, funny, and relatable bits. From Chapter 4:

As soon as I typed the HTML for my first hyperlink, the power of it hit me. This is the DNA of the web, the fabric that connects all of the bits and pieces all over the globe. It sounds so primitive now, but when this was ll new to me and I was disocvering how it all worked and how simple it was to create links, it was magic.

It’s still magic! URLs are one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It took a lot for them to exist, and now that they do, they have literally advanced civilization. They are the ultimate unbeatable feature.

Couldn’t agree more with Chapter 5. Couldn’t agree more with Chapter 19. Love love Chapter 9. He’ll get ya with Chapter 8 though, them’s a doozy β€”Β real Secret of Life stuff there.



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