SameDocumentTransition ain’t as helpful DifferentDocumentTransition but hey we might as well get both.

Jeremey tries to be more nuanced and positive about the Shared Elements Transitions API:

If the View Transitions API only works for single page apps—which is very unlikely—it could be the single worst thing to happen to the web in years.

If the View Transitions API works across page navigations—which is very, very likely—it could be the single best thing to happen to the web in years.

First — HOLD UP — it’s been renamed the View Transitions API, which hmmmmmmmmmmmm I guess I’ll reserve having feelings about until I can play with it more. But from the first round of playing I did it really was all about naming “shared” elements that transition from one to another so the name made good sense to me.

What stood out to me is how Jeremy thinks it’s unlikely that it’ll end up being SPA only. I mean, there is literally an implemented-behind-feature-flag version that is SPA only right this second. I know feature flags aren’t a definite signal that something is going to ship, but it’s a signal. I mean: you don’t prototype things you never want to ship.

I share the sentiment that an MPA version is way (way way) more useful and this text makes that actually seem likely. But I don’t dislike the SPA version. Not because I want to encourage more SPAs necessarily, but because giving us native FLIP animations is still super cool.

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