Just a lovely day here in Bend, Oregon. It’s very warm out. That kind of deep-seeded warmth you can only feel in late summer, when the warmth radiates from every sidewalk square, telephone pole, and deck chair as much as it does from the sun.

I’m 42 years old today. I only feel half that old so here are 21 dumb blog post drafts that probably wouldn’t make it to full posts anyway important things.

Dip bread into soup.

You can do better than “FBI Surveillance Van” for your WiFi network. C’mon people. My friend Justin’s used “I had wine glasses once.” and the fact that he never told anyone the story made it even better. Oh also your dogs tags, that’s a good opportunity to get weird.

But your garage door code can still be 6969 that’s fine.

I was 42 years old when I learned that the reason some bars put ice in the urnials is because it makes it stink like piss less. I always figured it they were cycling out old ice or something. Or wanted to bring some joy to urinal-using folk, because peeing on ice rules.

It’s always that II – V – I turnaround. Classic.

It’s easy and awful to lie to yourself. I wish I could find a way to flip off that switch.

It’s easy and awful to put forth faux emotions. I wish I could find a way to flip off that switch.

Always carry a pocket knife. You might have to open a package or avenge a loved one’s death.

Well hard time Harry was posting them scary conspiracy theories on his wall. He’s got a lazy boy look upon the fall of babylon, caps lockin’ the original swing.”

Seth Bernard – The Original Swing

Buy art.

I have always liked the idea of “you get better at what you do.” Not so much because it helps you hone in on what you are good at and/or how to get better at something. I prefer thinking of absolutely random people and what they have mastered. Like your old lazy neighbor who literally only watched TV all day. They were amazing at watching TV. They knew all the channels. They knew what came on when. They knew how to channel surf to avoid commercials but circle back to what they were watching before right on time.

There is no reason to be anything but nice to strangers. It makes you both feel good. Being a dick to someone makes you both feel bad.

A real skill is learning to identify and brush off the inconsequential.

Sometimes you have to make a deliberate choice to improve how you do the things you do.

Take the day flight.

How the fuck does sailing into the wind work? That’s just weird β€” I can’t deal with it. I’ve looked it up a half dozen times in my life and my brain rejects the reasonable answer.

The number of difficult conversations you have in your life is equal to the number of difficult conversations you have in your life.

Chris Coyier

I love how you can buy individual screws and bolts and washers and stuff at hardware stores. Literal hardware. I’ve got three washers at $0.41 each, three bolts at $0.71 each, and three nuts at $0.19 each. Oh and this pack of Red Vines.

Memory is distinct from intelligence or wisdom, but I’ve always thought them to be highly linked. If you can recall things relevant to whatever you are thinking about or discussing, it tends to be helpful and lead to better decision-making and more fruitful discussion. Likewise, if you have a bad memory, you are doomed to repeating what has already been learned from. Seems like technology can really step it up here. We’re already well into the “nobody wonders anymore” era (just look it up), now we’re poised to enter the “context and history is available at every glance” era.

Oh crap, I need to get out of here. It’s my birthday and I’m sitting at the computer.


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2 responses to “42”

  1. Alex R says:

    the fart noises should be set up as a konami code for your site.

  2. Bryan says:

    Happy birthday, Chris!

    Let’s spend days wondering more to build our memories while we remember to dip bread in soup (because truly that’s joy)!

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