Can’t click on tmux panes in iTerm?

We use tmux at CodePen. It’s essentially so we can all run a single terminal command and it’ll run all the scripts and whathaveyou to fire up our dev environment. Then we have a UI for all the different services and whatnot we run. We can and do update it regularly to help us do our jobs.

I wouldn’t say I love it. The designer part of me wishes I could design something that does what it does with some more appealing pixels. But whatever, it’s a decent system for scripting and automating all our stuff.

To change panels in there, you can literally click on them. That’s usually how I roll because I’m a mouse-loving freak. But one day it stopped working and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out this checkbox in iTerm got unchecked.

Enable Mouse Reporting option in Profiles > Terminal

So yeah if it happens to you it’s probably that.

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