Pizza Pit

Pizza Pit was the pizza of my youth. Fresh, Fast, and Hot Delivery, yo.

The boxes were a super bright almost neon yellow and I love them.

They were pulling up to my childhood home on the weekly. My folks got pepperoni and onion, which always annoyed me because the onions were weird soggy squiggles and I hated them. I even like onions now as an “adult” and I still won’t order that specific combo. They had to be in a pretty good mood to order pepperoni and half onion.

The last time I was in Wisconsin, I was sad to see one of the local ones gone. It feels like it’s been a dying local chain for a long time, but I’m pleased to see ~10 locations holding strong. We ordered it one of the nights we were there and it didn’t disappoint. I think of it as just like… regular pizza. It ain’t think, it ain’t thin. They don’t make huge ones, they don’t make tiny ones. They don’t have fancy ingredients. It’s just a gosh darned pizza mmkay. And the logo rules.

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  1. Ben says:

    That logo is killer. In my town they’d be selling t-shirts with it on!

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