The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox

As a proprietor of CodePen, I’ve seen, definitely, thousands of customized checkboxes, some classy and modern, some classy from trends gone by, some fun, some (whimsically) frustrating, and some clever twists.

So I was a bit skeptical of Andy Allen’s headline. But I’ve heard nothing but good things about the (Not Boring) Apps, and I wanted to check them out.

I started with (Not Boring) Habits and, as expected, I love it.


Let me strip off the sugarcoating and share a little secret about habit tracker apps: they’re little more than a glorified checkbox. The interaction is simple: every day you open the app and hit the checkbox to record a completed habit.

So it’s an app with a daily checkbox.

I made my habit “Sweat”. Something I want to do every day. But I kept it vague. I’m back on my CrossFit thing so maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s a long walk in the summer sun. Maybe it’s getting on a Peloton thing. Whatever. I just wanna sweat. And so:

Hot damn, that is a satisfying checkbox. The world’s most, perhaps.

The app also comes with a widget that looks great.

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