AV Receiver

If you’ve got a car for sale, and it’s a halfway desirable car in halfway decent shape, you probably won’t have any trouble at all finding a buyer. You might have multiple buyers competing. If you list it at a really low price, you’ll get tons of potential buyers.

But there are some products that don’t have a lot of potential buyers, making the resale market much different. I was just thinking about this when I wanted to sell an AV receiver I replaced. The one I was selling was a pretty nice Anthem. I paid somewhere in the $1,500 range for it new.

The resale market for AV receivers is just slower. There isn’t a flood of people looking for them, especially used. You just don’t need one. Most people just chuck a sound bar on their TV, or even more likely, do nothing.

I put up mine for $299 on Facebook Marketplace to crickets. That’s 1/5 of what I paid for it around a year ago. It took a few weeks, but I did finally get one person with mild interest. I’m hoping to close the deal, as I’d rather get it to another human who will use it than have it sit in a closet or have to be junked. It’s just a slower marketplace. More time and effort are required.

Imagine something like a printing press. Some of them are the size of a damn building. They require very specialized knowledge to operate, and different special knowledge to deconstruct, move, and reconstruct. Plus the business that originally bought it likely can’t sustain a financial hit like selling it for 1/5 of what it paid. I imagine it would take years to sell one.

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