Kwik Trip Appreciation

I’m visiting Wisconsin and there are Kwik Trips everywhere. It was always a pretty nice gas station, all the while I was growing up there. But it seems to only have gotten nicer. Perhaps the only nicer ones around were PDQ’s, but Kwik Trip bought them up, really crowning Kwik Trip king.

Photo of Kwik Trip story showing many empty gas pumps and a few cars parked outside the green-roof building. Everything is pretty clean.

I was visiting my dad, and we drove by a Kwik Trip. I said something like “Ah, Kwik Trip. I miss them. Such a nice gas station. We don’t any that are nearly as nice in Bend.” and my dad tells me he’s a member of the Wisconsin Kwik Trip Enthusiast Club (Facebook warning). Lol. Like father like son. It’s such a wholesome group. It’s people just showing enthusiasm for Kwik Trips generally, specific appreciation of employees, questions about products coming and going, and the like. I should buy some merch.


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One response to “Kwik Trip Appreciation”

  1. Alex Riviere says:

    Wild, here in the south we have QuikTrip (QT) gas stations that seem to be of a similar quality.

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