There is no bar

There is no bar for the quality of a blog post. Allow me to be an example. See… every blog post on this entire site. I’d like to write better individual blog posts, but something has always compelled me to punt out a thought early rather than wait until I have some perfect way to present it. And for the record, I don’t mind reading your posts like that either. We’re not shootin’ for the Pulitzer over here mmkay.

Why do people have a hard time with that publish button, even on ready-to-rock personal sites?

Here is a thought. Maybe, we are overthinking it. Maybe, the one thing we should care most about is just putting stuff out there. At least, this is the primary reason we have a personal website, right? We have it to document and share random thoughts, things we learned, and nuggets we found. If we don’t put stuff out there, why have a website in the first place?

Matthias Ott β€” Just Put Stuff Out There

Here’s Rach breaking free from a unique set of personal excuses.


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4 responses to “There is no bar”

  1. Mike Bifulco says:

    May as well make this post my home page – this is the hurdle I hit with every single article I start. Insightful as always, thank you Chris!

  2. Totally, as long as you don’t make the living out of it.

    … even on ready-to-rock personal sites

    My blogs (yeah I have several) are trash but I keep posting exactly what Matthias says: random thoughts and things we learned.

    I don’t write for money, so I guess I get a free pass.

    Thank you for sharing, Chris

  3. Zhaozhi Li says:

    I’ve been writing random stuff. I once wanted to make more structured, professional posts, then I came to the realisation that blogging isn’t writing school essays, it can be much more flexible and focus on delivering the message in whichever way that works. My site is hosted on GitHub. It’s free but static. I’m considering moving to a WordPress site with my custom theme design.

    Your site has changed quite a bit, hope that I have saved all the blog links on the original dark site. Those are useful!

  4. This post has had a direct impact on my blogging process and output! Thanks, as always, for the ongoing inspiration.

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