Web Push on Safari

I think it’s pretty notable Safari is doing Web Push this across all the platforms. That’s one of the big reasons a company might go for a native app instead of a web app, despite the heap of advantages of a web app. Like… URLs, to name a little one. I remember when Maximiliano Firtman scouted out this might be happening back in January and it seemed unreal. Jeremy is right that it’s the #1 thing Safari needs (he scoped it to iOS, which is fair). Notifications are often quite annoying, but it’s often a major business requirement so whattayagonnado.

We can all update our rallying cries to PWAs in the App Store!!

Well, we can wait for this to ship first I guess. Comes with macOS Ventura in the… fall? It’s unclear to me why it’s pinned to an OS update and not a Safari update, but they do say…

Apple has made changes to macOS that deeply integrate with WebKit’s support to provide a great user experience

It makes sense that the OS needs to be involved to show notifications, but Safari already supports the Notifications API so 🤷‍♂️. Then iOS/iPadOS in 2023 (they say), so it’ll be a minute.



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