Apps that let you organize their navigation?

I open Facebook on my phone once in a blue moon to see if any old friends are up to anything interesting. Sometimes I end up watching mindless random videos or in their shopping section, Facebook Marketplace, probably because it sometimes puts red “unseen” dots on them sometimes which is irresistible for me to “clear out”.

The default Facebook mobile app bottom navigation.

I don’t like the Watch tab. It’s full of brainless generic video content scientifically engineered for engagement. Boobs and magic! How can I NOT! I don’t like Marketplace either. Every time I tap onto it I’m shown absolute garbage that I have zero interest in. Ideally, they’d both be gone from my navigation.

On a whim, I long-pressed the Watch icon, and low-and-behold, it did give me the option to entirely hide it.

That’s pretty nice, actually, Facebook.

Twitter actually allows this too, but you have to pay $5 a month for it with Twitter Blue. Don’t hate that. No dice on LinkedIn though.

So it got me thinking… what other apps help you control/organize the navigation?

I just noted the other week on how you can really clean up the WordPress posts page, which is a pretty highly used place for me. Perhaps not “main” navigation, but important navigation. Technically you can control the main navigation too if you want to get into WordPress plugins and hooks and whatnot.

There are other apps in the “the main navigation is actually how you use it” category, including browsers themselves. I feel like the main navigation of browsers is the open tabs, and you’re free to open/close them and rearrange (and even “pin” or “group” these days) them at will. If you’re big on tagging email, that ends up being a kind of user-created main navigation. Even the main navigation of Notion is largely whatever you do/create in the sidebar. Totally up to you!

I feel like Slack is like this… you organize your channels, star certain ones, drag around the workspaces you are in… you have a good amount of control over the whole interface. A lot of apps that are meant to help you with organization allow for customization because it needs to map to how you work and think. My TODO app Things is largely just groups of projects and sub-projects that essentially form the main navigation.

What other apps are out there that make customizing the main navigation they provide by default a first-class feature?

VS Code seems like a strong example. The app’s main navigation is entirely customizable including turning on/off what you see, dragging the order of them, and allowing plugins to add new things.

This was a strong move. Every developer I know takes advantage of this, customizing it to their liking.

I’m in a bit of a bubble with my limited set of largely organizational and developer apps. So really: what other apps are out there leaning into allowing customizable main navigation?

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  1. Geoff says:

    I also think of sports sites with personalized navigation, like say, The Athletic nav is tailored to your “favorite” teams (screenshot).

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