Subversion Blues

I just needed to update the CodePen Embed Block WordPress Plugin. That means… DRUMROLL… using Subversion!

I’ve long used Versions app to do Subversion things, because I just prefer using GUI-based source control apps. But Versions somewhat recently went v2, and I had to update my license to use it. I tried to, but there is some payment bug on their website and it was impossible.

So I was like, screw it, I’ll figure out the terminal commands to commit the changes. So I tried a brew install subversion thing, but my terminal still didn’t understand the command svn. I figured it was some $PATH thing and I just couldn’t be troubled.

So I used the free trial of SmartSVN and finally got through a commit. Not a beautiful app by any means, but it worked.

Speaking of. I literally have Tested up to: 5.3.2 in the readme.txt but I still get this warning:


UPDATE: I FAT FINGERED THE VERSION NUMBER. I meant 5.9.3 not 5.3.2. derp.

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