Vegan Shopping List

I’m going vegan and dry the whole month of September. I wanted to make a shopping list for myself of stuff that I know I like so I can load up at the grocery store and feel like I’m getting lots of great stuff and not feel all sad trombone limited.

  • pickels
  • potatoes
  • brown rice
  • bread (watch out for milk and eggs_
  • whole wheat pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • beans
    • black
    • chickpeas
    • lentils
    • chili
  • vegetables
    • corn
    • peppers (colored bell, jalepeno)
    • onions
    • tomatoes
    • advocado
    • brocolli
    • cauliflower
    • zuccini
    • bussel sprouts
    • asparagus
  • nuts (careful)
    • cashews
    • almonds
  • lettuce / Salad
  • fruit
    • lemons / limes
    • strawberries
    • blueberries
    • blackberries
    • blueberries
    • banannas
    • oranges
  • almond milk
  • veganaise
  • mustard
  • siracha / other hot sauce
  • salsa
  • earth balance butter
  • vegetable broth
  • quinoa
  • falafel
  • couscous
  • pizza stuff
    • dough
    • sauce
    • daiya cheese
  • dangerous stuff
    • cashews
    • peanut butter / jam
    • oreos
    • almond dreams bites

3 responses to “Vegan Shopping List”

  1. Laidlaw says:

    You might also want to try-

    coconut water (I mix it in smoothies)
    coconut milk (destroys almond milk!)
    sweet potatoes

    I’m not vegan, but I try to eat things that aren’t bacon sometimes…

  2. Matt says:

    I’m not vegan but my wife is, so I end up eating a lot of vegan meals. They’re actually quite tasty and relatively quick to make. Here’s a few tips:

    1. Stir-fry with extra-firm tofu, brown rice, peppers and eggplant. Normally I’m not a big eggplant guy, but if you learn to cook it just right and throw in some tofu and brown rice, it really is quite filling!

    2. If you have a good blender like a vitamix, you can make some pretty amazing healthy smoothies. Throw in pretty much any leftover fruits that may be a little too ripe + some leafy greens like spinach or romaine and BAM, you just had salad for breakfast, you win. Ninja tip: if your smoothie is too bitter, add a small amount of unsweetened hershey’s cocoa. It’s like a health hack for smoothies. You can also use dates.

    3. Kale, spinach and arugala are all awesome. A big part of enjoying vegan cooking is learning to enjoy vegetables and lots of salad. Find some root veggies that work for you.

  3. Kurt says:

    Hey Chris

    I’m vegan, so here are two easy meals that we enjoy:

    Chickpea salad

    * 1 can chickpeas mashed
    * 1/3 cup veganaise
    * 1 celery rib chopped
    * 3 Tbsp fresh dill
    * 2 tsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
    * Pepper
    * Salt

    Mash. Chop. Assemble. Goes great with a salad or on toast.


    * Corn tortillas
    * Black beans
    * Seitan
    * Corn
    * Olives
    * Salsa
    * Avocado
    * Spinach

    Cook the seitan with a small amount of olive oil, with garlic if you like. Heat the beans. Chop the olives and spinach. Assemble!


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