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Slow Feel

I’m often slow in sorting out how I feel about Major World Events. The events are often hugely complicated and far outside areas of my expertise.

I typically try on a few emotional reactions internally. “I’m outraged!” I’ll attempt to tell myself, only to have it not fit. “This is how these things go.” I’ll consider until I realize I don’t know how these things go.

Publicly sharing anything during this time feels disingenuous. Why would I share a half-baked opinion?

What I always want to do is learn every single detail of the Major World Event and master the surrounding fields of study. But then I feel overwhelmed and realize I have far too much going on already.

By the time I’ve landed on an opinion that feels right and true to myself, it’s not timely anymore and sharing it feels like dredging up a river that doesn’t need it.

The result, my guess, is that I can seem apathetic, but I think I’m just emotionally slow.