I recently unfollowed some people on Twitter. Not one because I dislike that person. More of a casual experiment in shaking things up. Just like, ug, a random Foursquare check in, and I don’t know you well enough that that’s fun or interesting for me to read, so unfollow.

I really enjoy Twitter and I want to keep enjoying it. I tend to enjoy things when they feel different once in a while. I just re-arranged my living room and I love it.

I wasn’t expecting feeling so bad about it.

Some people were vocally disappointed. That doesn’t bother me, because that makes me think you have some kind of “get notified if people unfollow you” thing and that seems kinda gross and I actually care less if that’s the case.

I just feel generally like a jerk when I click the unfollow button. I kept doing it, I think, because I want to explore that feeling. This is a button on a website. I don’t want buttons on websites to have very much emotional sway over me. If I need to press one a bunch of times so it feels less, I think that’s probably good for me.

This might help. Please know that whether or not I follow you on Twitter has little bearing on if I like you as a person or not. I probably do like you as a person. I tend to get along with people. I’m happy to talk to you, time permitting. We can even talk on Twitter, we don’t have to follow each other to do that.

Related: I think I do a pretty good job of not caring if someone follows me or not, but I need to work on that too.

I’m not going to end this with some big over-reaching thought like “let’s all try to care a little less about social media.” You can care about whatever you want to care about. I’m going to do that too, and let it ebb and flow over time.

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