It’s Raining

“I’m going to wash my car.”
“But it’s raining!”

I’m sure I’ve bore witness to hundreds of versions of that conversation in my lifetime. It’s this weird generic response that everyone seems to intuitively understand, tying together car washing and raining. I’ve never quite understood though. I think it means one of two things.

  1. Why would you wash my car right now? It’s raining out, thus the world will wash it for you.
  2. If you washed your car right now, it will get dirty again immediately because of spray from the wet roads.

I guess it doesn’t matter too much because the result of “don’t do it.” is the same. But I wish I knew which one people meant. I’ve asked before, but it’s not really worth the weird looks.

4 responses to “It’s Raining”

  1. Jeff says:

    I operate under the “it’s just going to get dirty again” methodology, mainly because I’ve literally only owned black/dark grey cars (so you get all the water spots and junk too).

    The “world will wash it for you” part never really works for me, since I always leave way too long between washes due to extreme indifference when it comes to my stupid car!

  2. Brin says:

    I’ve said that to people before, but I’ve never meant either of those two things. Instead, when I say it, I mean “If you wash your car now, you’ll get wet!”. :)

  3. Ray says:

    For a car guy, a rainshower never really washes the car – you have to use clean water and dry it when your done. And then, even a little rain means it’s not really clean – so, why do it when you know it can’t be dried and won’t really be clean. Of course, it’s always going to rain once you do it – and this is why I am an ex-car guy.

  4. Christos Hrousis says:

    9/10 rainwater leaves dirty dusty dots all over your car that you end up needing to clean anyways. Well that’s what happens here in Aus…

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