Some think it’s their best ad ever.

Some think it’s sad.

When I watch it, I think about how the kid is probably fairly introverted and thinks things like holiday parties are kinda tortuous and hard to get through. But, he’s a good kid and loves his family. He’s also creative and likes making stuff. He uses the phone to escape a little bit without having to lock himself in his room or do something else extreme that he has learned doesn’t go over very well.

(Yeah I know it’s just some actor in an ad, but I think marketing towards introverts (50% of the population) is interesting.)


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3 responses to “Misunderstood”

  1. Andrew says:

    I have to agree with you there. I really liked it, though…that’s coming from an introvert.

  2. Susan Vash says:

    Wonderful; made me cry. Thanks for sharing

  3. Joel Glovier says:

    Sadly, it makes life harder for the rest of us introverts who aren’t doing amazingly creative and loving things for our families when we are escaping to our phones and computers.

    Now, when we are really just dicking around on our phones during family gatherings, the outgoing family members are going to be expecting us to produce a magical Christmas video by the end of the night like they saw in the Apple commercial.

    $10 says I don’t make it through the holidays with at least 1 comment to this end from my one of them.

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