10 Myths About Introverts

Great list from Eli Bishop. I really do think it’s worth fighting this semantic battle over what the word means. There are a bunch of people that could be happier about themselves, but aren’t, because they think these personality traits make them broken. See #10.

2 responses to “10 Myths About Introverts”

  1. Kaj Rietberg says:

    I like this. Makes me feel beter about how I act and makes me worry about things so that I have to change. I think dat a lot of people believe that Extravert is better then introvert. So always believe that they have to change their behaviour. But this post shows the oppossite.

  2. Jakub says:

    I’ve read that article maybe a year ago and I have to admit it holds lot of the truth. But I would not say that introvert is better then extrovert or vice versa – they are just meant to be composed and in the team it’s the art of the manager to make them give a word. DISCLAIMER: Introvert.

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