One day not too long ago a new icon appeared on my AppleTV. Crunchyroll? What’s that?

Turns out it’s a service for watching Anime, and it didn’t take me long to get addicted. The first series I watched was Sword Art Online, in which people are playing a super realistic MMORPG in which they wear headgear to become totally immersed in it. Turns out some bad dude is behind it all and nobody can leave the game or they will die. They have to beat the game to leave. Yeahhhhh can’t stop watching that!

Then I moved onto Attack on Titan. Huge giant humanoids (titans) essentially cover the world and humans have been forced back into a triple-walled city to survive. But all the sudden this SUPER big titan shows up and starts knocking down the wall. Humans need to step it up and fight. So good.

But now I’m caught up with that (it’s an on-going series right now) and looking for the next addiction. I was thinking Naruto Shippuden but…

I’m going to document a few more recommendations from Twitter friends:

Possibly not on Crunchyroll…

And finally…


2 responses to “Crunchyroll”

  1. KazeFlame says:

    You should also watch Accel World. It is also like Sword Art Online.

  2. Christopher LaRose says:

    If you dig music and great characters you may dig Kids on the Slope. Shinichirō Watanabe directed it and he is the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop.

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