This is just funny.

This is just exaggerated for effect, but it’s ultimately why I didn’t love it there in the nearly two years in the Bay Area. You’d wouldn’t describe most folks you met straight up snobs, but there was always some hint of it. It’s nearly snob-free here in Milwaukee. It feels a lot more comfortable being just a run of the mill dude.

2 responses to “Snobbery”

  1. Rick says:

    Ditto. Same reason I refuse to move out there. Elitist to the core. Silicon Valley is a few square miles surrounded by reality.

  2. Derek G says:

    So what prevented you from being a “run-of-the-mill dude” when you lived in SF. I live in SoMa now; I used to live on the Peninsula for 14 years. There are a$$h0le’s of one kind or another all over the place. But I never let them stop me from being a regular Joe, and enjoying the natural/physical aspects of where I _want_ to be. If guys like you shun the place, then the snobs win, right?

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