Old Man Hump

At the Graves Mountain Blugrass Music Festival there is a group of folks that set up a big brown tent along the edge of the campground and hang a sign on it that says “The Humps.” They’ve been coming there longer than I have, so over 10 years. They were a local-ish Bluegrass band I think. They never played at the actual festival, just in the campground.

Last year, days before the festival even started, “Old Man Hump” was already camping in their usual spot. He was sitting in a chair playing some songs, got up to make some dinner and at eat it, sat back down, played another song, and died.

I’m sure that’s exactly how he wanted it to go. We can only hope for such a perfect exit.

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  1. Aaron Kryzer says:

    Awesome if it was my time to go what better way is there?

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