Must Be Rough

I get a good amount of emails from businesses that are looking to hire people. Hiring good people is so difficult these days, they say.

I dunno. I think you are doing pretty damn well if you are hiring people at all. I’d love to be doing so well in business that my problem is finding people to give money to.

2 responses to “Must Be Rough”

  1. dj says:

    Yea… wouldn’t we all. However, two different problems. Once you get to the point you want to (or need to) start a multi-person business, just try and find dependable/knowledgeable/honest people with a decent work ethic – that’s what’s difficult. Frankly, if I was in such a position YOU would be one of the first people I would contact – I guess the thought would be (possibly unreasonably so) that any person you knew or hung out with stood a better chance of being just like you. I’d consider it a compliment.

  2. Bern says:

    I think the answer is just hire someone, teach him and be patient with his learning. Once it’s formed pay him in relation to the difficult it is to find someone with the same knowledge.
    Most of the times the problem is people want to hire paying less than the value in the market. So they should ask you, how can I hire someone and pay him less than what he deserves.

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