The Greatest Adventure

#1) Glenn Yarbrough has the worlds weirdest voice. It’s my strongest memory from the old cartoon Hobbit:

#2) If you compare the old Hobbit cartoon movie to the new one in theaters now, I wonder which aspects J. R. R. Tolkien would have considered closest to his original vision. The new film is likely much closer, but I can’t help but think the cheesy round faced puffball Bilbo in the cartoon is closer to how he pictured them.


#3) Was the music written out in the book (yah yah I never read it)? Many of the songs used the same root melodies.

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  1. Tommy says:

    The music wasn’t written out, but I think the new song is definitely a throwback to the one from the Hobbit cartoon. That cartoon is super nostalgic for me, and also the trippy 70s animated Lord of the Rings cartoon. Have you seen that one?

  2. dj says:

    Chris… you’ve never read the book – probably cause it’s really, really long and, for me at least, moves a bit slow in a lot of parts. How I conquered it was to get the book on tape. The English-accented narrator seems to have been Shakespearean trained or something so is impeccably understandable and does just enough different dialects so as to really hold your interest. The book does have the lyrics to a lot of songs – which is probably why I have so much trouble getting through them – and of course there is no written music or tune given by Tolkein. However, I bet, if we had been so fortunate to actually hear him read the book, the guy had some sort of tune in his head when he wrote them. AND, the narrator of the CD has a great voice and actually sings the songs. Where he came up with the music I have no idea but they all sound like authentic old English melodies and rhythms. When you actually hear the songs you can understand why Tolkien put them in the story – they were written specifically for the character types.

    You should get the CD and listen to it on one of your “jet-set” trips across the pond.

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