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Custom Uke

I’m getting a custom made Ukulele made from Mya-Moe. I’m in the early stages, which means picking out the style and wood. For stuff like this, I’m tempted to go with whatever the maker thinks is the absolute best thing going right now. I want the maker to be as excited about the project as they can be. If direction gets them excited, so be it. If freedom gets theme excited, even better.

I watched this video:

From which I learned:

The wood on the top is the most important. It’s what actually vibrates the most and creates tone. The wood on the back should be thick and sturdy. The wood on the sides doesn’t matter (for sound).

Koa = warm, hawaiian tone. Maple = bright, punchy (total opposite end of spectrum). Other woods lie somewhere in the middle of those.

Aesthetics is the biggest factor. Which kind of wood isn’t that big of a deal in the end.

This is decisions so far:

Serial Number: 945
Name on Inside Label: Chris Coyier
Size: Tenor
Model: Classic
Series: Cascade
Back & Side Wood: Walnut
Top Wood: Straight-Grain Redwood
Body Binding: Walnut
Fretboard Binding: Walnut
Rosette: Rope rosette
Headplate: Walnut & Maple Signature Headplate
Neck: Port Orford Cedar
Fretboard: Maple
Fretboard Face Markers: Abalone
Bridge: Maple
Tuners: Peghed brand geared tuners
Finish: Hand-rubbed oil finish
End Pin/Pickup: K&K Twin Spot pickup
Fourth String: High-G

The construction is going to start in January and can be tracked.