Black White and Gray

Some things seem like they should be black and white (true or false, correct or incorrect, good or bad). Politics seems like one of them to me. Will this thing we are deciding on help or hurt the people? It may be hard to tell, but if we really look at the facts the answer should clarify itself. But of course it’s not. Politics (the real politics, behind the mascarade) is full of gray.

Then there are things that seem like they should be completely gray. Like art and music. One person may think it’s good, another may not. “Subjective.” But I don’t think so. I think these things are more black and white. Art is either good or bad. Same with design. Same with music. You may not enjoy listening to a shred metal song, but it’s not bad because it’s shred metal. There are objectively good and bad shred metal songs. There are objectively good and bad charcoal drawings. There are objectively good and bad website designs.


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3 responses to “Black White and Gray”

  1. Asif Ahmed says:

    Yes, web design is so relative. What looks good to me might not look good to another. This is why its so important to understand the client needs, have a good pre-project interview before starting the design.

  2. Rodney says:

    Interesting insight on this. I agree with the politics aspect – Black and White…it’s either right or wrong, within the law or not. You see this a lot in the legal system – Technicalities. Same goes for web design. It can be good or bad. Flashy isn’t always the best. Sometimes simply can say a lot more than a site overloaded with applets,code snippets and other “Web 2.0” ingredients.

  3. An interesting co-relation. Things or situations can be either good or bad with people with different perspective. A website design also can be either good or bad depending upon the viewers point of view. But its always advisable to design a website which will appeal to majority of visitors.

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