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Pretty good

99% of the food I eat I’d classify as somewhere between “fine” and “pretty good.”

It’s extremely rare for me to eat a meal that is truly extraordinary wherein during and after eating it I am amazed at the deliciousness. It’s also extremely rare that I eat anything that I considered/consider disgusting.

The difference on the grand quality scale between a Big Mac Extra Value Meal and a “fancy” steak dinner is trivial to me. Take me either place for dinner and I’m equally pleased. And in fact because of the price, time efficiency, consistency, and lack of crazy bullshit, I’m often happier with fast food.

No big revelations here. Just a thought.

In other news I’ve been doing “low carb” eating for somewhere around 2 months and I’m nearly 30lbs down which feels great. I’ve been slipping a bit though. Looking forward to a few normal weeks at home starting next week where I can get back on it solidly.