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4-5 hours

That’s how many hours PER FRICKING DAY an average American watches TV. Holy crap.

There are lots of reasons some people are more productive in life than others, but that’s a big factor right there.

I get asked pretty frequently “how do you have time to do all that stuff you do?” and I always say “I dunno dude I wake up and I do stuff and junk then I go to bed.” Now I’m going to say “I wake up and I do stuff all day, and that gives me an edge because most other people wake up and do a little bit of stuff and then watch TV for FIVE HOURS and then go to bed.”

Not that I don’t watch TV. I love TV. I probably watch like 1 hour on average a day. A lot of days zero and then some days a few hours. Depends on if I’m totally into a show or not. Right now I’m not into anything. But I feel like I’ve seen a ton of TV shows. Pretty much every show that’s ever interested me.

So let’s say you are really into a show. If you only watched 2 hours of TV a day you could watch the entire first season of Game of Thrones in one week Monday-Friday. If you were into a regular hour-long show on a network that had commercials, you could DVR or iTunes or whatever those shows and watch *3* of them a day in 2:15. That’s cruising right along with your TV watching.

If you consistently watch 5 hours a day I can’t imagine how many entire series of TV shows you’ve seen. You’ve probably seen nearly every episode of every show ever.

But we probably all know that isn’t the case. Most people don’t actively seek out a show they think they will like and then watch that show from start to finish efficiently. They just flip on the ol’ boob tube and channel surf. Of those 5 hours probably 2 of them are commercials and watching tiny segments of shows where you never really quite got into it. That’s some sad shit right there. It’s like if you went to an art museum but just sat in the lobby and stared at the wall.