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Political Things I Actually Care About

There’s lots of political things that I know I should care about, but it’s nearly impossible to force yourself to care about something. I thought I’d do an honest review of my opinions and catalog the few issues that I really do feel something for.

I think the United States spends too much on the military and too little on education. The latest military budget is 663 billion and the latest education budget is 69.9 billion. Military is about 10 times larger. I support the troops (whatever that means, I guess it means I think they are fine folks). I like the United States. I consider myself patriotic. I think it sucks I have to say all that because when I say “we should spend less on the military” I feel like I’ll come under attack for those things.

I think gay marriage should be legal. That, along with any other possible equality-related thing that they don’t have now but could.

I don’t think whether I wear my seat-belt or not should be mandated by law. I feel the same about other laws that “overreach” in that same way – interfering in my life “for my own good”.

I tend to vote for the president who can speak the most clearly and intelligently and also aligns most closely with my few simple views.

That’s it. I think that’s an embarrassingly small amount of things to care about, but if I’m completely honest that’s all the caring I can muster up for politics. I hope we can still be friends.