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This is my most despised emoticon.

I can never tell what it means. Here’s some ways I’ve seen it used, with as much context as I can give it to make sense.

Sometimes it’s clearly positive like:

“Super wacky fun time!! Woooooo!!!!! =P My tongue is hanging out because that’s what happens in super wackkkky fun time!!.”

and sometimes pretty clearly negative like:

Why didn’t you invite me to your party, Chris. =P. I am quite angry about this and I’m sticking my tongue out at you.

or subtly different:

Why didn’t you invite me to your party, Chris. Just kidding!!! Passive aggressive tongue!!! =P

or the definitely negative:

Uhmmm, nice try at building a CSS framework butt chump. =P

or the just straight up confusing:

Hey Chris =P

Is it just me? While I kinda like emoticons in general, I avoid this one because it’s seemingly so ambiguous. I worry someone will think I’m mad at them when I’m going for “wacky.”