Another Paradox of Choice

My dog is pretty darn healthy. It’s easy to understand why. The only things she eats are the exact portions of healthy food I give that she’s supposed to get. Then I walk her at least a few times a day. She doesn’t have any choice about these things, and she’s better for it.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have these choices either. I wish I got fed exact potions of healthy food and was forced to exercise a lot. I’d be better for it. But I do have the choice. While it’s easy to think that’s what makes life as a human great, my bad choices have some dire consequences. They make me unhealthy, less happy than I could be, and will kill me sooner than I’d die otherwise.

Woah that’s pretty dark! Not trying to pout over here, I just think it’s kind of interesting.



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4 responses to “Another Paradox of Choice”

  1. TeMc says:

    Enjoy life!

    “Don’t die before you’re dead!”

    “The secret to life is to enjoy the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived” – Oscar Wilde

  2. Jesse says:

    I’ve got a few options for you:

    1. Prison – OK, so maybe the food isn’t that healthy, and I’m not sure how much exercise you are allowed to get, but it’s one way to remove your freedoms.
    3. The Army – I heard you get plenty of exercise there. And the food sucks so bad you don’t want to eat.
    2. Desert Island – With only fruits, vegetables, and the occasional Darma box of rice, you’d have to eat healthy.
    3. NutriSystem. Prepacked meals, measured and weighed, delivered right to your door. Not much different than how a dog eats.

  3. PVieira says:

    I saw in some article that the best thing for health is to walk always on the limit of starvation so that army option appear’s to be a very good one to solve that paradox..

  4. tim says:

    interesting Chris. Cheers

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